Finally Dr. Dre hits the market with his Cognac brand Aftermath, with Drinks America and cognac producer Abecassis. As AllHipHop News reports, Dr. Dre’s new brand of cognac will be available in the beginning of October. Wow. That’s a surprise.

Actually we were preparing an open letter for Dr. Dre and his drinks partners. Now it’s too late, apparently it will be in stores soon. Strange marketing preperation – if it’s true. So let’s have a look at this business concept.

Dr. Dre

In August 2008 US rapper announced his cognac line Aftermath, a joint venture between himself, Interscope, Geffen and A&M Records. And it is Abecassis Cognac who will handle production and distribution! This is indeed a big surprise. The producers of Le Reviseur and ABK6 get into the game.

Drinks Americas Q4 earning document tells us (released yesterday), the company would introduce Aftermath Cognac in the next 60 days. The production, supply and European distribution of the cognac will be handled by Abecassis Cognac, and the US distribution probably by Drinks Americas.

Originally the cognac was supposed to be released together with Dre’s new album Detox – but there is still no official release date.
The rapper teased his fans during a concert with Eminem and Jay-Z in Detroit. He said “I’m coming”.

Originally it was Drinks America and Dr. Dre who wanted to kick off the product in the US. But it was never brought to the market. Of course one understands, there is a high financial risk – and already some competition on the market – not to underestimate. Now they have a real “Charentais” producer in the team.

Dr. Dre seems to be ‘the best’ spokesman for cognac

Dr. Dre is a rather experienced rapper in the US, more mature than other, younger artists. Like a good cognac. Cognac expert did a poll, and a hundred readers decided that Dr. Dre was the best to represent a cognac brand (40%). While Rémy Martin struggles with its spokesman T.I. who might go back to prison – Abecassis could just have done a very smart strategic move.


The competition consists of brands such as Hennessy, Rémy Martin, Martell, Conjure and Courvoisier – how shall Aftermath fit in there?

Let’s think about a possible Abecassis/Dr. Dre strategy:

  • Position the bottle on the US market (ABK6 already present on the US market, that’s an adventage)
  • Make the Cognac mixable and communicate cocktail consumption; target Dre fans
  • Attack Hennessy Black, Conjure and Rémy Martin VSOP

If Abecassis does it right, they might have a winning product… how exciting. Probably it’s Elodie Abecassis who handles the new brand, she also handles young cognac ABK6. reports:

With respect to the production and supply of the Aftermath Cognac, the Company has entered into a letter of intent for the production, supply and European distribution of the cognac with Abecassis Cognac, a producer of premium cognacs. Completion of this agreement will not only give the Company access to a superior and necessary inventory of fine cognac, but calls for the Aftermath Beverage Company brands to be distributed by Abecassis in the European countries in which it is now doing business.

Following the introduction of the Aftermath Cognac, the Company’s joint venture with Interscope/Dre/Aftermath will introduce a unique new line of 80-proof flavored and unflavored sparkling vodkas. The Company, having completed any necessary formulations, bottle and label design, marketing plans, and regulatory approvals, expects that this new line of products will begin to be shipped to distributors within the next sixty days. These products are to be introduced in coordination with the launch of Dr. Dre’s long-awaited “Detox” album, and will be supported by a fully integrated marketing program with the performer and his record company.

The Company has taken note of apparent customer anticipation for the Company’s Aftermath line of alcoholic beverages as evidenced by over one million “Google” mentions in advance of any actual product availability in the marketplace.

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HipHop legend Dr Dre announces his Aftermath Cognac with Abecassis

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