Hennessy creativiy. You may remember that Cognac Expert reported about the striking limited edition bottles of Hennessy that were produced in collaboration with the street artist KAWS.

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Power of digital, social and mobile

Well, in addition to creating these unique bottles, Hennessy’s long term marketing company – one50one – produced an advertising campaign utilizing the power of digital, social media and mobile phone marketing.  A small ‘QR’ image was placed on the label of the Hennessy KAWS bottle, specifically for people to scan with a smartphone.

Hennessy Kaws Special Edition

When this was done they were directed to a specially made HennessyKaws.mobi website promoting the product.  Here they were shown short videos about the cognac and the artist, including details of KAWS visit to the house of Hennessy in Cognac.  They were also presented with various motives that led to the actual bottle creation.

QR Code Marketing by Hennessy

The advertising campaign was extremely successful, with 1.3 million people scanning the image and visiting the mobile website.  This has led to one50one and Hennessy being awarded the number one mobile marketing campaign of 2011 – something that has delighted both the companies and, no doubt, the artist himself.

Troy Brown, President and CEO of One50one said, “We’re honoured that the Hennessy KAWS collaborative was chosen as the Mobile Campaign of the Year.”

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Hennessy KAWS Wins Top Spot of the Year

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