LMVH Hennessy tasked New York design company, The KDU, to come up with the design for their new product: Hennessy Classivm (or Hennessy Classium) – how classy is that… for the Chinese market.

Hennessy Classium Classivm

This new cognac is to be marketed exclusively in China and, by the look of the funky bottle and modern advertising, seems to be targeted at the ever-growing market of young Chinese cognac drinkers.

But what quality is Hennessy Classivm, what age? We would say it’s a VS, but we are not sure about it.

Classivm Hennessy in China

Hennessy and The KDU have a long standing relationship and they came up with several different designs.  The final choice has now been revealed and can be seen in the video below.

Real, new product or same content in a new, designed bottle?

Find out more about Hennessy Classivm Cognac

Sources: http://biomachina.deviantart.com, http://www.thekdu.com

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Hennessy Classivm or Classium? New Cognac for China

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  1. Avatar

    Can you tell me whether Hennessy Classivm is really produced by Hennessy Factory in cognac? The new product is called Classium and will be exclusively sold in China. I am curious about it.

  2. Avatar

    Hennessy Classivm is not produced in china, that’s for sure. perhaps the bottles.. but first of all it’s not a “factory” but pot stills and cellars, and secondly “Classium” is just a normal VS cognac, put into another bottle.

  3. Avatar

    I must say it’s not my style of cognac. But maybe it’s the right bottle for the chinese market.

  4. Avatar

    Actually it‘not what classivm look like in China,U can see the picture on its homepage below
    it’s changed more like usual cognac bottle. Just around with so called “faction”.

    And u know how much it is?? 300Yuan(more than 30€)WTF

  5. Avatar

    classivm is made to compete with chivas & black label in asia market
    they are targeted at younger audience

  6. Avatar

    actuallly this is a different blend its much smootther its is not a vs put into this bottler they do not teast the same not even close

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