Hennessy, who have given their support to Cognac’s Blues Passion music festival ever since its first year, are now firmly ensconced in the festivals make up.  At this year’s event – running from 04 – 10 July – there will be a special concert on the eve of the final day for holders of the Blues Passion ‘passport’ and partners of Hennessy.  The concert will headline the American hip-hop poet and actor, Saul Williams and also the blues women’s duo – June and Lula.

Cognac Blues Passions 2011

Hennessy are well known for associating with the arts.  Currently they are preparing to unveil a new exhibition of the photographer Mark Riboud in China.  The company are also hosting a series of day long exhibition, both in France and all the countries in which LMVH operates.  These will highlight the skills and crafts of its component companies.

In regards to the Blues Passion festival, sales of tickets are going well.  A good deal of the special ‘passports’ have already been sold, but there are still some available at a price of €150 euros.

Sources: http://www.charentelibre.fr, http://www.bluespassions.com

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Hennessy and Blues Passion – a funky match

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