Cognac used to be the drink from Europe, that old world, consumed by elder, aristocratic gentlemen after a good dinner. That’s history. Cognac experienced a 180° u-turn and is now popular with the Diddys and the Hustlers of this world: the American Hip Hop scene.
Black is beautiful

Hennessy knows that and tries to expand, doing its first big roll-out in the US since 50 years with Hennessy Black. Interesting enough, that Conjure by Ludacris and Birkedal-Hartmann/Tiffon understood as well, where the market is going. Those products are made for mixing & cocktails.

US rollout: Hennessy Black in all states available

The French company is owned my LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton, and the world’s market leader in Cognac sales. Their product Hennessy Black is meant to be mixed, not consumed as a XO or similar – no. Black is young, black is a VS and black almost should be mixed with drinks, ice and juices. After having tested the brand now in several states this spring, the product now goes nationwide.

The price for the VS Cognac (means Very Special and is the youngest Cognac that exists, 2 1/2 years minimum aged) $39.99 per bottle. Normally a VS would sell for $30 but you also pay for the brand in this case – that’s for sure. Still, it’s far less expensive than VSOP or XO quality.

So finally: The question “In which states is Hennessy Black available?” is history. The Black “Henny” will be available in every single US state! For the Hennessy fans good news, for Ludacris and his friend Kim Birkedal-Hartman not the best news.. as they are still in market-testing mode. But there is probably enough space for two quite similar products (Hennessy Black and Conjure are both VS Cognac, both young, both targeted at cocktail consumers); even when Conjure is closely linked to the person of rapper Ludacris.

Source: Reuters

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Hennessy Black goes nationwide in the US! 'Black' targets cocktail consumers

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