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So we’re all used to the fact that cognac is now drunk in plenty of different ways; neat – in the traditional way, with ice, with a mixer or in cocktails.  But what do you think about the idea of a “sparkling cognac”?

Marquee Sparkling Eau de Vie

The house of Helen Raffin has claimed to have produced the world’s first sparkling eau de vie – a product they call ‘Marquee Sparkling Eau de Vie’   A creation of the firm’s Master Blender, Bertrand Laclie, the product was unveiled at the recent ProWein Trade Exhibition, held in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Sparkling cognac?

The family distillery has been producing cognac since 1888, and are now searching for global distributors for their product.

Mr Laclie says that the ‘cognac’ is intended to be enjoyed either neat, or mixed into a cocktail.  So, is it an innovation?  Or should we even be calling it cognac?  Probably not. Obviously the cognac house themselves are not calling it cognac, preferring the more ambiguous name of eaux-de-vie.


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"Sparkling Cognac": Marquee Sparkling Eau de Vie by Helene Raffin

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    Font Borne tried a few years back – but the product was never released – however the samples we got tasted very good.

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