It’s been a busy month in the world of cognac. People are up in arms that cognac’s been hijacked by Mcdonalds, Gautier Cognac gets a makeover, and Frapins gone all sexy with it’s new XO decanter. But the big story has to be the sale of Grand Marnier…

Savvy investors set to net 8,050 euros per share

If you were wise enough to invest in Marnier »”>Grand Marnier, then the news that the cognac maker is being sold to Italian distiller, Davide Campari-Milano, for a cool 684 million euros will likely have you rubbing your hands in delight. Not only is each share going to provide investors with 8,050 euros (that’s just under $9,000 US dollars), but there’s also the possibility of a payment related to the planned sale of real estate property.

Campari are delighted with the purchase, saying of Grand Marnier that “it is a French icon, with a rich 150 year history for which we have profound respect”.

CEO of Campari, Robert Kunze Concewitz, took the helm in 2007. The purchase of Grand Marnier is the largest acquisition with him in the lead, and the last since 2014. It joins the Italian stable that produces many different spirits, including Skyy Vodka and Wild Turkey Bourbon. Grand Marnier is a producer not only of the iconic orange flavoured cognac drink, but cognac, Armagnac and wines.

The US is one of Grand Marnier’s largest markets, where over 50% of their 140 million euro sales are made.

You can even get a ‘cognac’ in McDonalds…!

… to steal (and alter) a line from the cult movie, Pulp Fiction. Well, you can’t actually order a shot of cognac – in fact, the outrage that’s been setting people buzzing in the online world turns out to be a complete spoof after all.

Satirical website, The Onion, published an article about the introduction of a Spearmint After Dinner Big Mac, and the development of a 6-piece Chicken McNugget Aperitif Combo with Port and Cognac dipping sauces. These ‘delights’ were reputed to be being developed in the home of McDonald’s HQ, in Oak Brook, Illinois – and even quoted the company’s CEO, Steve Easterbrook…

Well, it didn’t really… Because, guys – the article was a spoof and was supposed to be funny! Apparently not everyone took it in the manner it was intended… Whoops!

Gautier Cognac Makeover

Marie Brizard owned Gautier Cognac is part of the drinks giants plans to perform a ‘radical evolution’ of it’s brand, taking inspiration from its 1755 origins but with a contemporary new look. Gautier unveils it’s new brand and packaging design, ahead of the IAADFS Duty Free Show of the Americas – where all of the range will be on display.

Frapin’s new VIP XO Decanter

Frapin have given their VIP XO a sexy new makeover, with a new decanter due to be unveiled at Prowein. Check out this delightful cognac in the Cognac Expert online shop.


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