The latest offering from Marnier »”>Grand Marnier is the Christmas 2012 Grand Marnier ‘Paris’ Limited Edition.  This is a bottle that pays homage to the sheer chic of the Parisian lifestyle, as well as the home of the success story that is Grand Marnier.

In a complete contrast to the colouring of the regular Grand Marnier bottle, this Christmas edition comes in a deep midnight blue with a gold frieze silhouette style pattern of a Parisian skyline.

Grand Marnier Christmas Edition

First impressions on looking at the bottle are good.  It’s got a real Christmassy feel about it, and the deep blue liqueur contrasts beautifully with the gold pattern.  In fact, it almost seemed a shame to break the seal to open the bottle for tasting…

All the famous Parisian landmarks are there – from the Arc de Triomphe to the Eiffel Tower, Sacre Coeur to Notre Dame.

The Grand Marnier ‘Paris’ Limited Edition is the 11th in the series.  The first one was seen in 1927, with each one offered paying testimony the heritage of the brand.

Grand Marnier suggest to enjoy the liqueur either neat, over ice or as a long drink mixed in a cocktail.  Or, as is one of our favourite ways, as a delicious way to spice up a crepe with a little sugar…

Grand Marnier was founded by Louis-Alexandre Marnier Lapostolle in the year 1827.  However, it wasn’t until 1880 when Louis-Alexandre combines Cognac with the essence of wild tropical orange to create Marnier Cordon Rouge Juice.  And then in 1900, when Cesar Ritz came up with the name, Grand Marnier, the brand was born.

Of course, it’s the bottle and packaging itself that are the limited edition.  The contents are, naturally, the blend of orange and Cognac that is now iconic in all corners of the world.

The limited edition Paris bottle will be available to purchase in the UK at the famous Harvey Nichols store in London, as well as at Whisky specialist shops.  The RRP starts at £25.99 sterling.

Reviewed by Jacki

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Grand Marnier ‘Paris’ Limited Edition Xmas Bottle Review

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    Catherine Harbon

    I cannot source the Paris Royal blur, the Red Ribbon or the 2013 red collectable Decanters (full) and have written with still no success direct to Diageo……can you help.?

  2. Avatar

    Hey Catherine,

    Did you try to contact your local distributor? Otherwise you maybe have to wait for the bottles to show up on marketplaces.


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