It seems that GQ Magazine is the latest place where rapper Jay-Z can be seen as the figurehead for D’Usse Cognac.

The latest cognac to join drinks giant, Bacardi’s stable, D’Usse Cognac is following in the footsteps of many spirits – but cognac especially – in pairing up with an uber-trendy hip hop artist to endorse their brand.  And you can’t get much trendier than old Jay-Z, that’s for sure.

D'Usse Cognac Jay-Z

In the printed advert all you can see is the back of the rapper’s head and he’s holding a cigar in one hand, the smoke furling upwards as he stares out of the window onto a view of Brooklyn Bridge.  And on the table?  A bottle of D’Usse Cognac with a generous measure in a crystal glass.

The tagline used for the advert is – ‘A Bold New Expression of Cognac.’ Learn more about D’Usse Cognac
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D’Usse Cognac and Jay-Z – A Bold New Expression…

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