As with any brand, Courvoisier knows the benefits of understanding the wants and needs of your target audience.  And the ‘Going Out Upgrade’ study the company has researched has provided them with the inside habits of the socializing culture in the United Kingdom.  The results have now been released.


This company say that this comprehensive study is about “charting the ‘Going Out’ journey from straightforward to sophisticated, this white paper picks out current trends and, from the findings, predicts where and how we’ll be socialising in the future. Ultimately, it serves the why, how and what to something we’re all looking for, now and in the future: a great night out.”

The survey has gathered results from various UK sources.  These include bar owners, PR companies, event organisers, journalists and designers.  Some of the information that has been gathered is as follows:

  • 31 per cent said that the buzz and popularity of a venue is very important to them.
  • 52 per cent said they were very open to meeting new people
  • 75 per cent said they chose their night out venue by surfing the internet
  • 79 per cent said that printed media influenced their choice of social location

Obviously Courvoisier find use for this kind of information, as this is the second in a series of four ‘Upgrade’ research papers they’re creating.  The first had a city theme.  We’re sure that they’ll publish the results of numbers three and four just as soon as they’re complete.


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Courvoisier Release Results of Consumer Survey

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