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    Erich Prahl

    I have a one gal cannon bottle of Courvoisier Cognac that was given to my parents back in 1959. I am interested in knowing more about this particular bottle/design and what it’s value is. This bottle was never opened and stored for the last 60 years in a cool dark basement bar.

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    I have a bottle of 3* denis-mounie cognac 5 1/2 FL. OZS. 70 proof, i can not find the same bottke anywhere on the internet, does anybody know the value of this?

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    I have the following 4 bottles of Cognac for sale, preferably by the lot:

    • 1 – 3 Stars LUXE Courvoisier Cognac, 0.7 L
    • 1 – VSOP Courvoisier Cognac, 0.75 L
    • 1 – Cognac Hennessy VS, 0.7 L, in box
    • 1 – Camus Grand VSOP Cognac, in box

    If interested? Please make an offer. Thanks

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    I have a Crystal, unopened bottle of Courvoisier “The Brandy of Napoleon” – V.S.O.P Cognac 84 proof – 4/5 quart, from 1952.

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    Matthew Ennis

    I have three sealed tax stamped bottles from 1930’s Raynal Cognac. Two are 1811 and one is 1875

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    I have a bottle Martell cognac j&f 1909 for sell.

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    I have the Erte Courvoisier Collection of bottles 1-8 and also separate bottles of #3, #4, #6, and #8. They are still in their original packaging and are in their unopened boxes. This is my first post and am open to entertain any serious offers.

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    I have a Fine Champagne Cognac Remy Martin XO Special. Un-opened with Certificate D’ Origine Signed with an authenticating Carafe Number seal. This bottle is for sale and I am open to any and all serious offers…

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    I have an unopened, sealed bottle of Remy Martin cognac in a Baccarat crystal cognac bottle, decorated with fleur de lis. Original label is around the neck, with the original “Distilled and bottled by E. Remy Martin & Co.” label on the back near the base. The bottle is in perfect condition except for one missing crystal piece of the 10 pieces decorating one side. All 10 pieces remain on the other side.

    Left to seller by relative born in 1903. Stored standing in dry, room temperature.

    Make an offer. Depending on your location, seller will have to confirm additional shipping prices. If buyer is in the Philadelphia, PA area, hand-delivery is possible.

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    Hi, I have a bottle from Maison Prunier S.A. Champerty Extra Cognac 3L. It is duty paid and stamped along with all original documents and what appears to be a signature card with the name Claud on it. It was recently gifted to me by a very dear friend, and I would just like to know if anyone has any information about this particular type of cognac at all please. I have browsed the internet high and low to no avail unfortunately. So I am hoping I may get some answers on it here.

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    Henry Herpel

    I have two 1960’s vintage bottles of Martell Cognac for sale. One bottle of Martell Cordon Bleu and one bottle of Martell V.S.O.P. Medaillon. I can provide photos to those interested.

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    Val Morano

    I have an unopened bottle of Madame Gaston Briand Paradis purchased about 1980’s. It has been in my liquor cabinet, standing, for many years.
    Also an unopened bottle of Madame Gaston Briand Grand Cru, stored in same manner. Would anyone have any idea of pricing. I can send photos if need be and all original labels and stamps. A Frank Schoonmaker Selection.

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    Aude Nieul

    Hi, I have an unopened bottle of Hennessy 44 Limited Edition released in 2009 In honor of the presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama, January, 20th 2009. Limited Edition numbered bottle. I can send pictures and bottle number if need be. I’m wondering what would be its value on the market? I’ve only seen offers for empty ones online. Thanks in advance!

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