For those of you who live in, or are traveling to Australia, there’s a great new product due to be released on April 01, 2014.

Already available in various other corners of the globe, Cointreau Noir is a blend of the original orange liqueur and a Rémy Martin cognac produced specifically for this purpose. The brainchild of master distiller, Bernadette Langlais from Cointreau, and Pierrette Trichet of Rémy Martin, it was inspired by a recipe that dates back around a century, Majestic.  This was an early 20th century creation by Edouard Cointreau and Langlais has taken this and given it a modern twist to create Cointreau Noir.

Cointreau Noir: New Product Release Down Under

Said by Cointreau to be aimed at both those who love single malt whisky, as well as the female portion of the market, this is a blend of 70 per cent Cointreau and 30 per cent Rémy Martin cognac.

Alfred Cointreau, a 6th generation member of the Cointreau family, said that the company is excited to get feedback on the product from both bartenders and consumers.

We don’t yet have a price in Australian dollars for Cointreau Noir, but in the USA it can be purchased for around $45 US dollars per 750ml bottle.

Read more about Rémy Martin Cognac here.


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Cointreau Noir: Orange-Cognac Liqueur Release in Australia

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