So let’s keep in mind: Remy Martin V is a spirit, based on grapes, coming “from the best areas of Charente region” – but it is not a cognac. Why? Because it’s unaged eaux-de-vie, directly put into the bottle after distilling. This product could lead to problems, even harm the cognac category – at least some cognac producers are angry.

Remy Martin V

But let’s face it: The “V” could be somehow misleading, and could be confused with VS or VSOP. One could think “V” is a lower category than VS for instance. But that is not the case, it’s not even comparable.

Rémy Martin V is not cognac but uses name of the famous cognac house

A cognac producer told Cognac Expert some weeks ago:

I was very surprised by your article about “Remy-Martin V”: it’s very “hot” news. In 1998, Hennessy tried to make Whisky on his own mark (“Whisky Hennessy”). The BNIC succeeded in forbidding it, arguing that Hennessy’s name is strongly linked to the cognac category. This could allow other products to do the same. And it’s true.

The problem might come back with “Rémy V”: stay tuned…

Until now, the house of Rémy Martin did not use its full name when they released other products such as brandy San Remy, Rémyred or Rémy Silver. But this time they are using the whole brand for boosting communication of the new “white” product.

Some websites even call it “Rémy Martin V, a new cognac – white like snow”…

If you want to know more about Rémy Martin V, see our article.

Cognac winegrowers and producers are angry

Some producers in Charente are really angry. The BNIC (cognac lobby) somehow guaranteed the right and moral use of names and product descriptions. Legal department of BNIC commented:

“It’s a rather delivate subject and we are about to think about the issue internally. We do not have yet a clear position on the matter, and will not comment on the issue.”

Some officials of the wine growing federation of Cognac would like to speak to the board of Rémy Martin, in order to discuss the matter. This product could be bad for cognac’s reputation and perhaps only the beginning of lots of other products that use the name of big cognac houses.

It’s not the best timing for Rémy Martin, as the cognac seller already made some winegrowers angry by announcing a change of their deal terms regarding acquiring eaux-de-vie from the farmers.

Source: Charente Libre

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Cognac winegrowers not at all happy about Rémy Martin's V

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    I love Remy Yaq! But you gotta be true to the game if your in the game to win. Not reinvent it! And the “V” is reinventing it….

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    Is Remy Martin trying to copy the eaux de vie produced in Armagnac “The Blanche” launched in 2009 , I had the chance to taste it earlier this year , I was not over impressed.

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    Why get upset about Rémy V and then congratulate Courvoisier about Rosé ??

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