Also known as Camus XO Superieur.

The XO Superieur of Camus comes in quite a classic decanter, presenting a Cognac which is heavily influenced by eaux-de-vie from the Borderies region of Charente, comparable to Martell’s Cordon Bleu.

Camus XO Superior

This excellent XO combines rare eaux-de-vie, selected and blended by the family of Camus.

“[To make superb Cognac], all you need is a great-grandfather, a grandfather and a father who have dedicated their lives to it”
Jean-Paul Camus, owner of Camus Cognac

And here are the tasting notes and the review of Cognac Camus XO Superior
The eye: amber
On the nose: intense floral fruit, plum and a sense of hazelnut, notes of spice
The taste: elegant structure, nut aroma, idea of vanilla sweetness
Finish: very balanced, persistent leathery, liquorice notes
Blend: A high percentage of Borderies eaux-de-vie are used for the Cognac
Age: old eaux-de-vie between 20 and 50 years
The Price: $100-150
700 mL and 40% ABV

The family of Camus has been producing Cognac for generations. Since 1863 the family cultivates a passion for fine blends of the best eaux-de-vie.

The family controls every step of the production, from winegrowing, fermentation process, distillation and marketing. The floral character in Camus’ Cognacs is due to the use of eaux-de-vie from the Borderies area, the smallest and rarest Cognac growing zone. This is where the vineyards of Camus are situated.

If you want to learn more about Camus and the tradition of the trading house, see here.

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Camus XO Superior: Bottle review

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  1. Avatar
    Larry Harmer

    Hi Cognac Expert.
    I have a bottle of Camus Ox Cognac its about 30 years of age.
    I would like to know if it is of any value. It has the letters H.K.D.N.P and what looks like a signature Cauuus & Cey .
    On the bottom of the bottle it has numbers 380 7 2 . I hope you could be of help to me.
    Also I would like to know if it is still alright to drink.

  2. Avatar
    Rob Pettit

    I have a bottle of Camus XO superior from the 1990’s never opened.
    Its colour is very dark brown, not the light clean copper coin colour described.
    Its been standing upright many years. Can it have gone off, can it have corked?

  3. Avatar

    Hey Rob,

    Should be drinkable! Enjoy 🙂


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