When it comes to the art of making cognac, what it all boils down to is the skill of the cellar master. Hours of time go into creating the perfect blend, and the top maître de chais draw on extended years of experience. And with many super premium cognacs, the vessels in which they’re contained are also works of art in their own right. This is what the Chapters of Ampersand Et No 1 Limited Edition Cognac is all about.

A collaboration between Swedish Art Glass Crystal and the house of tiffon cognac »”>Tiffon Cognac, Et No 1 Cognac is a Grande Champagne blend containing eaux-de-vies dating back to 1870.



The concept behind the creation focuses on the mastery of the Swedish crystal and art tradition, partnered with the ultimate in cognac. Iconic crystal artist, Goran Warff, uses some of the most advanced crystal making techniques in his work and is renowned throughout the world for his creations. Warff is one of the primary artists for crystal house, Kosta Boda, and for this project he teamed up with Swedish Master Blender, Folke Andersson, to design a bottle that was to be filled with the highest quality cognac. Andersson is the brains behind Gronstedts Cognac, with an outstanding global reputation. And to this end, they headed to Jarnac to begin a journey that would end up with this delightful limited edition.

et No1

Tiffon Cognac’s Maitre de Chai, Richard Braastad, was the expert who joined them in their quest. And the blend of cognacs chosen to create Et No 1 were a Grande Champagne 1974, a Grande Champagne 1943 and, the star of the blend, a pre-phylloxera cognac from 1870.

Only 300 bottles have been produced – each numbered and signed with a Certificate of Origin. The crystal bottle is housed in an oak casket, the perfect compliment to the treasures contained inside.


The cost of the Chapters of Ampersand Et No 1 is 8,395 Euros ($8,175 US dollars). And excitingly, the creators have another planned for 2015 – Chapters of Ampersand Et No 2. We’ll keep you updated…

Read more about http://chaptersofampersand2.tictail.com/Tiffon Cognac and Gronstedts Cognac.

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Chapters of Ampersand: Swedish art glass meets French Cognac

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    please confirm the price, looks to be an error. The cost of the Chapters of Ampersand Et No 1 is 8,175 Euros ($7.750 US dollars) if my math is correct 8175 euro is = to $10166 so what is the correct number?

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    It may have occurred some problem with the currency converter due to technical maintenance from our internet supplier. The correct price is

    • 8175 Euro for the European market, please observe this is incl. Swedish VAT
    • The price for USA and the Rest of the world is $ 8395, Please observe this is excl. VAT

    Chapters of Ampersand

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    I just arranged for my Chairman to pick up one at Dubai Airport, which our company arranged to bring in through one of our Principals, to luxury beverage store, Le Clos, in the airport. Great one to add to his personal collection.


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