At the part of the ‘Part des Anges’ auction held in Cognac a couple of weeks ago, three awards were presented for those who have given much to the world of eaux-de-vie.

  • The first was the award of International Writer, which went to the American, Roy E. Renfro. and his biography of Thomas Volney Munson.  A Texan horticulturalist, Munson was the man who developed the phylloxera resistant grape vines that now produce the majority of all wines in Europe today.

    Grape Man of Texas

  • The award of International Personality went to F. Paul Pacult, the American who since 1991 has been the editor of The Spirit Journal.  The publication is aimed at amateurs who’re interested in the world of wine and spirits.

    Paul Pacult

  • The third award went to the late Bernard Guionnet, former president of the Bureau National Interprofessional de Cognac who sadly passed away in April of this year.

    Bernard Guionnet


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Ceremony: Three Awards for Cognac Personalities

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