The Cognac that was presented in this year’s La Part des Anges du vignoble de Cognac, in September, is launched now. It’s another one in the product range of Ferrand’s old cognacs, like l’Ancestrale (70 years) and Abel (45 years old). But this time Ferrand is going for a century-bottle.

Century in a bottle: L’Hommage de Pierre Ferrand is a 100 year old Cognac

Pierre Ferrand brings us a 100 year old Grande Champagne bottle, called L’Hommage de Pierre Ferrand. And of course it is a limited edition. The cognac matured more than 100 years in oak barrels at Ferrand’s Logis d’Angeac. It was distilled before World War I – and now was bottled in the 21st century.

The carafes are numbered and hand crafted, only 10 of the Ferrand bottles will be sold in the US, its price: $3 000 per bottle.

Alexandre Gabriel, owner of Cognac Ferrand commented:

“We wanted to offer something supremely special from our cellars. We chose a beautiful bottle to contain this rare Cognac, the taste is even more beautiful than the bottle.”


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Century in a bottle: L’Hommage de Pierre Ferrand is a 100 year old Cognac

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  1. Avatar

    $3000 a bottle? how much for a glass? actually i don’t think i can even afford that.

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    One point very important. Cognac FERRAND is not Cognac FERRAND. Actually, this company use this name in order to profite of the notoriete of Mister Pierre FERRAND and don’t use the “eaux de vie” of pierre FERRAND vineyard.

    Today mister FERRAND use PIERRE DE SEGONZAC to sell this own product.

    Be carreful. Some people can do everything in order to sell something…

    best regards.

  3. Avatar

    Can someone please explain this story around Pierre FERRAND and PIERRE de Segonczac? I never understand what actually happened. Did a former colleagure steal the brand, or an investor?

    I only heard that the family of Ferrand got their name stolen, almost.

    So how is it possible that a company uses the brand of someone else in order to benefit from its positive image??? I heard this story some time ago, who knows the details?

  4. Avatar

    yep, mister Peter. Actually mister Pierre FERRAND lose this name in a enormous proces about 10 years ago.

    So today cognac FERRAND are not made by Mister FERRAND. The FERRAND company by some “eau de vie” in cognac area and use the name of FERRAND to benefit of this positive image.

    If you want really the Pierre FERRAND product, You need to find ” Pierre de Segonzac “.

    SEGONZAC is a little city where Pierre FERRAND was Born in the center of Grande Champagne

    best regards

  5. Avatar

    well well 100 years :> sure for only 3k 🙂 sure

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    Ole Cigar

    Pierre Ferrand was maneuvered out of his own company by two young aggressive guys. The court ruled in their favour.
    On the homepage of Ferrand, it is interesting that such a renowned cognac house states nothing on their history.
    Ok cognac, but I would never buy it in sympathy for the original owner.
    Go for Pierre de Segonzac !

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