Visitors to this month’s IAADFS Duty Free Show of the Americas in Orlando certainly have a treat in store, as Camus Cognac are presenting both the Camus 1940 Vintage Cognac along with their Elegance range.

Camus say that the 1940 vintage is one of the oldest recognised in the Cognac AOC, as there are extremely strict regulations in effect for a cognac to be described as ‘vintage.’  These include the date of distillation being officially overseen, and the barrels being sealed.  They would then remain under legal surveillance to guarantee that there was no possibility of any tampering, and when the time comes for bottling this has to be in the presence of an official bailiff.

Camus Cognac Rarissimes 1940 Cognac brings the Vintage Effect to Orlando

And if that’s not enough, the French government authorities have to verify every second of its traceability and confirm this with carbon-14 dating.  That’s certainly some process to go through and is the reason that very few fully certified vintage cognacs exist.

To make the Camus 1940 vintage cognac even more remarkable, it was in this year that the harvest was unusually dominated by the Colombard grape.  It was also distilled in a very alembic of only 400 litres, very uncommon at that particular time.

To give the cognac its full name – the Camus Rarissimes Cru Bons Bois Vintage 1940 – it’s being produced in a very small limited edition of only 280 decanters.  Contained in a Baccarat crystal decanter, the vintage is presented in a wooden casket with golden metal closure.  This symbolises the entrance to the cellars of Camus that hold their oldest and most precious cognacs – the ‘Gates of Paradise.’


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Camus Cognac Rarissimes 1940 Cognac brings the Vintage Effect to Orlando

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