Political-Brandy-Faux-Pas! Normally we only report about Cognac – but this time it’s about a rather ‘hot’  brandy topic…

German brandy distributor Aniland GmbH used to sell Armenian cognac. Now, that’s not unusual.

Armenian Brandy

What’s rather delicate about the whole thing: The label indicates Nagorno-Karaba as a part of Armenia. Today the company stopped selling that certain bottle with the label. Also because the consulate of Azerbaijan in Stuttgart wrote a letter to the company.

The Aerbaijani embassy in Germany was not amused at all.


The management of Aniland replied in a letter, stressing that it never wanted to interfere in political issues in the Caucasus area. So the labeling was changed in January and all bottles were sent back to production facilities.

Inappropriate label… Big deal?

It’s rather delicate because there is a serious conflict between the two South Caucasus countries – it all began in 1988 when Armenia began to claim certain territories. The Armenian army occupied a good fourth of Azebaijan since the early 90’s. That also includes the Nagorno-Karabakh region and seven other disctricts. Currently, there are peace negotiations.

Source: en.trend.az
Pic: aniland.de
Pic: mondediplo.com

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Brandy conflict: Company makes Azerbaijan part of Armenia

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  1. Avatar

    Please do not use “trend.az” as any legitimate source of news and information. Azerbaijan the country is a fascist terrorist state intent on destroying the Armenians.

    Also I want to clarify about “occupying” part of Azerbaijan. This is all nonsense. After the Turks committed the Armenian Genocide, Armenia declared its independence and was legally recognized. Then the Soviets and Turks conspired together to invade Armenia and illegally take her territories even though at that time Armenia was still less than 50% of its historic state.

    After Turkey took a large chunk, next Stalin gave parts also to the other Turkic people calling themselves “Azerbaijanis” (actually formerly Tatars), in the hopes of uniting Turks and Turkey accepting to become Communist.

    In reality Armenia is not occupying anything, in fact in the 1988-1994 war it merely liberated a small part of her rightful territories as a necessity against the brutish Azeris who wanted to commit another genocide as in 1915.

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