Our reader inherited this bottle from his grandfather  who got it as a gift in the 1920-ies. Today it is stored in a safe in a bank.
The bottle is not for sale but the reader would like to know when the cognac was bottled.

(If you also have a Cognac bottle you would like to sell, or you need information about age or value – send us photos and information, just submit: Use this form – but please be aware: if you don’t follow the steps precisely, we will not publish your bottle.)

Bisquit Dubouché & Co 1811: A reader wants to know more

Bisquit Dubouché & Co

The label says:
Bisquit Dubouché & Co
Grand Fine Champagne
Annee 1811

Bisquit Dubouché & Co 1811: A reader wants to know more

backside label

Our reader asked us:
Since the Bisquit Dubouche company wasn’t established before the 1840-ies. How could they sell a bottle from before they were established? Is the cognac really from 1811? Is all of it from 1811 or is it mixed with later vintages?

Tell us more about this great old bottle!

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Bisquit Dubouché & Co 1811: A reader wants to know more

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  1. Avatar
    Vincent Chappe

    Bisquit has been founded in 1819 by Alexandre Bisquit, in Jarnac. Yes the vintage is probably correct, even if before the date of foundation of the Cy. Difficult to know exactly when the cognac has been bottled, and so stopped in its maturation (cognac like other brown spirits doens’t mature after bottling.
    Congratulation to br owner of such a very old and rare bottle of Bisquit!
    Kind regards.

    Vincent Chappe
    President of Bisquit Dubouche et cie
    16100 Cognac

  2. Avatar
    Cognac Expert

    Dear Vincent, thank you for your note/comment, it is much appreciated. Max

  3. Avatar
    The owner

    Hi,Thanks a lot for the information. But wasn’t it until 1840-50 when Dúbouche was added to the name Bisquit?
    In that case the bottleing should be done about 40 years after 1811. Is that possible? Regards, The owner

  4. Avatar

    Good morning,
    Thanks for your question.
    You’re right Bisquit cy was called Bisquit Dubouche and co in the 1840’s (fyi, initially, The Cy was named Bisquit Tricoche and co).
    We can suppose that the 1811 Eau de vie has been matured in barrels for 30-40 years before to be bottled. This is confirming this cognac is composed with a very old matured eau de vie.

    Vincent Chappe
    President of Bisquit Dubouche et cie

  5. Avatar
    Vincent Chappe

    Cognac Bisquit has been established in 1819. Alexandre Bisquit the founder, decided to add the name of Dubouche (adrien Dubouche was the son in law of Alexandre Bisquit) to the name of the Cy in the 1840’s, but it was the same Cy.
    According to the very strict regulation regarding the cognac vintages, the bottle of cognac you have is composed of 1811 vitage exclusively!
    Vincent Chappe

  6. Avatar
    Vincent Chappe

    It’s quite impossible to date the bottling. according to the picture, I would say (wax seal, capsule, bottle shape) I would say secoind half of 19th century.
    Sorry not being more precise!
    Vincent Chappe

    ps: regardinbg the value, I recently had an offer to buy three bottles (1804, 1811 and 1858) for a global amount of 20.000 €… We didn’t buy it!

  7. Avatar

    Vincent, I have a bottle of Cognac and hope you could provide additional information. The bottle lists: OOO VV Cognac Ages in wood for 20 years – Gautier Freres Established in 1755 – Edward & John Burke, Long Island City, NY – Sealed with IRS tax paid Label#36-4146979. I also have a bottle with numerous labels and seals: Creme de CassisGDE Distillerie E. Cusenier Fils Aine & CIE 11 1/2 fluid oz. CUSENIERP287HN, Imported by SS Pierce Co, Boston, Mass., sealed IRS stamp label. The third bottle ihas a label “A Remarkable New England Rum Made in 1913 by The Everett Distrilling Co. Prohibiition Label 6/30/1919 … bottle 1936 for the cellar of Russell Codman, Jr. 100 proof. Thank you in advance for your assistance. Regards Anne

  8. Avatar
    Vincent Chappe

    Dear anne,

    I’m sorry, but my feeling is i am not the best person to answer to your questions:
    – regarding Cognac Gautier, you can get further information being in direct touch with them (www.cognac-gautier.com)
    – regarding crème de cassis and rum, sorry, but I’m not expert!
    Good luck.


  9. Avatar
    Vittorio Foschi

    Dear i have a bottle live this whith all tue Tags in very perfect,not live this, i nave this bottle from my familly and i want know what is real valute !

  10. Avatar
    veronique perez

    je possede une bouteille bisquit dubouche&C EXTRA REGIONAL JAUNE D OR de au moins un litre .pas de date dessus .cachet de cire au centre .etiquette avant le bouchon de cire en exelent etat.apparament mis en bouteille jarnac.comment savoir de quelle annee elle est .pour une eventuel vente….merci si vous avez une idee

  11. Avatar

    Hello Vincent,

    i have been reading your responses on the BLOG and i am someone that has two Cogcac Bottles that is interested in selling to an interested party.
    i have am Anne 1811 Bisquit Dubouche & Co. bottle.
    and, an Anne 1835 Cogcac Fine Champagne bottled by Hector Romain from France.
    please advise.

    thank you, Bert

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