It now seems that our American cousins will soon be able to take advantage of a plentiful supply of a cognac based pear liqueur from Maison Brillet, thanks to a new agreement just announced by The Kobrand Corporation.

Belle de Brillet Poire Williams is a rich liqueur produced by this small cognac house, and will be exclusively marketed in the US by The Kobrand Corporation.


Cognac Brillet is a 10th generation run house covering 65 hectares of vineyards in both Grande and Petite Champagne.  Belle de Brillet is a combination of the finest eaux-de-vie and Williams Pears.  10kg of pears go into producing a single bottle of Belle de Brillet Poire Williams Liqueur.  Popular with both men and women, the liqueur can be drunk neat, on the rocks, or even used as a component of a cocktail.  It’s also a favourite ingredient used by cooks and chefs around the world in dishes such as soufflés, crème Brule and flambéed pancakes.

The Spirits Division of Kobrand Wines & Spirits is a rapidly expanding portfolio.  Headed by Tom Congdon, MD and Vice President, the company is looking to offer fresh and unique brands to the American market.  He said of the product, “Belle de Brillet has demonstrated strong acceptance during its relatively short importation within the US. With greater exposure, distribution and proper sampling it will capture even greater trade and consumer awareness and respect as we go forward.”

As of yet we don’t have an exact price that Belle de Brillet Poire Williams will retail for in the US.  But we imagine it’ll be somewhere in the range of $50-60 US dollars per bottle.  The finalization of the deal goes through on the 1st October, 2012, so it should be available on the shelves in the USA any time after that.


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Belle de Brillet Poire Williams Liqueur Hits the USA

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    Had I boyfriend that loved me back then . Introduce this at a dinner and later buy it as a gift . I loved this drink so much ,would recommend it as the best in after dinner liquor

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    The best liquor so far unfortunatly after it was introduced in the us I can’t seem to find it anywhere. The store I used to buy it at dicontinued it. Does anyone know why?

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    FYI: Belle de Brillet had been available in the US for a decade. I’ve been stocking it in my store since 2004.

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    Eli Hardof

    Sara, Belle de Brillet has bounced from one distributor to another over the years, each time it can take months for it to be properly registered with the state to be sold by the new vender.(FYI: wine and spirits are more regulated than guns on a state level) Often retailers give up when they cant keep the product in stock regularly. It just jumped again from the distributor that supplied me for years to a new one and I went through hell to get a delivery from the new vender to satisfy several backorders.

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    Just a FYI..I discovered this pear brandy when I lived in St Louis Mo and have been drinking it since 1996. I have had no problem finding it in Maryland since 1998.

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