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Sorry guys: We got it wrong. There is nothing on sale, this series is not launched – it was ‘just’ a workshop result of students.

“The aim of the workshop was for Comité Colbert, ENSAAMA and Central Saint Martins to team up and give students – the designers of tomorrow – exposure to the skills and techniques of the French luxury industry, combined with the stimulus of international exchange.”

Here is a text we just received after talking to Remy Martin officials:

On May 19, young designers from two art and design schools, ENSAAMA (Paris) and Central Saint
Martins (London) presented their interpretation of “L’art de la séduction” (The Art of Pleasing). The proposals, in which students threw themselves with total commitment, are indicators of how young people think and relate to the art of pleasing and to French luxury. Their key words: timelessness, materiality, elegance, valorisation of rituals and gestures. are a far cry from the lifestyles of the younger generation, centered on the “here and now” and the virtual world.

The workshop gave its 43 participants, working in 21 pairs, a chance to confront different cultural references and working methods. It has contributed to enrich their thinking and appreciate what it’s really like to collaborate within an international creative team for a luxury company.

Seduction Series: It’s a series of jewellery, objects and items, for private events and happenings. It is supposed to stress the different aromas a Remy Martin cognac can have. The special items are made with leather and glassware, and basically are luxury accessoires.

Art Of Seduction Leather Accessoire
Art Of Seduction Leather Accessoire

L’Art de Seduction leather arm band with integrated cognac mini bottle…

Art of Seduction Glass Ware

… and more Art Of Seduction Glassware: a ring-snifter object.

Art of Seduction Finger Ring Glass

Finger glass no 2, with a red colour.

Art Of Seduction

And finally a necklace with a cognac bottle.

Don’t get it wrong, because we got it wrong, these are not official Remy Martin objects, they are the result of a student workshop.

Source: psssst.net

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Design Schools and Remy Martin present Accessoires Workshop Result: Art of Seduction

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