A thing of beauty is always something to cherish, and the collaboration between the Cognac house of A. de Fussigny with Bordeaux-based company, Arvin, brings us a precious signet ring that contains a few drops of a rather precious eau-de-vie.

A. de Fussigny x Arvin: World Exclusive Cognac Signet Ring
The limited edition signet ring from the A. de Fussigny and Maison Arvin collaboration

Maison Arvin, a company created by Fabrice and Magali Cocrelle, has developed an innovative technique that allows a sample of an exclusive wine or spirit to be encased in a pearl. The ring is limited to a strict run of 10 only, and each is tailor-made to the purchaser’s requirements. This includes the form, color, and engraving.

A. de Fussigny x Arvin: World Exclusive Cognac Signet Ring
The house of A. de Fussigny on the banks of the River Charente

The Ring

The ring itself it’s a hallmarked 18-carat gold signet style that’s tailor-made by expert gem setter, Carl Jolibert. By using the unique technique, a few drops of Cognac fill the pearl that’s then set into the ring itself. We have to say, the hue of the Cognac is complimented perfectly by the gold of the jewelry, and really highlights the golden hues of well-aged eau-de-vie appears.

 The Cognac

 As you’d expect, a rather special Cognac has been selected for the project, and the A. de Fussigny choice is none other than a Petite Champagne 1970 Millesime. Of course, in addition to the ring, you also receive a full-sized bottle of this limited edition Cognac in a rather splendid orange lacquered wooden presentation box.

A. de Fussigny x Arvin: World Exclusive Cognac Signet Ring
A. de Fussigny 1970 Millesime Cognac: purchasers get a cased bottle with their purchase

Tasting notes:

  • Eye: Old gold with copper highlights
  • Nose: Deliciously floral, followed by dried & candied fruits, vanilla, and heavy rancio
  • Palate: Notes of lychee, plum, & pear, perfectly complimented by oak, mahogany, vanilla, and chocolate. Round & supple, with a long, elegant finish

 At 43% proof, the bottling was limited to a short run of only 250 bottles, making this a sought-after Cognac indeed.

 The Process

The house of A. de Fussigny partnered with concept jewelry creators, Arvin, to make the first-ever ring to contain a vintage 1970 Petite Champagne Cognac. The pearl itself is an opaque glass bead that truly shows off the shade of the eau-de-vie within, and will certainly be a talking point for those who claim one of these unique items for their own.

A. de Fussigny x Arvin: World Exclusive Cognac Signet Ring
The ring can be engraved to your requirements

Interested parties are requested to make contact with the house of A. de Fussigny to discuss their bespoke requirements.

Discover More About the Bespoke Cognac House of A. de Fussigny

The house of A. de Fussigny has an enviable location in the historic center of Cognac, with cellars abutting the River Charente. With a history that dates back to 1814, the house is well-known for combining true tradition with innovation. Many of their Cognacs have been decorated with prestigious industry awards, and their range includes organic, terroir-specific, and many millésimé offerings.

Fall in love with the world of A. de Fussigny Cognacs.

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A. de Fussigny x Arvin: World Exclusive Cognac Signet Ring

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