Courvoisier Exclusif is holding an invite only tasting event on July 20th in Toronto. You have to be selected. And how do you get selected? By answering a few questions – that’s it. Do it and have a great time.

Courvoisier Exclusif event in Canada

If you are selected, you and a guest will have the chance to sample and mix Courvoisier Exclusif all night long, while mingling with fellow Toronto social media personalities and experiencing an eclectic blend of live entertainment, all at the exclusive Park Hyatt Hotel.

You can fill out the survey before June 30th to qualify for the invite this summer. You can also create your own Exclusif mix on the page and win prizes.

Let’s get into analyzing

Of course everyone knows, from a marketing perspective, events are great for brand creation – as experiences are far better memorized by consumers compared to normal ads.

Now, let’s have a look at the survey and what makes you qualify… of course – because we are what we are – we are interested in what Courvoisier is interested in:

First of all if you are male or female, then of course your age 19 to 40+, and that’s already interesting, they do not care if you are 45 or 55. First sign that they of course are targeting younger folks, also because of the facebook page of Courvoisier Canada. They also want to know if you had Courvoisier Exclusif lately or not.

Then they want to know if you write a blog, like we do, if you have a Twitter account – so that’s pretty much about multiplicators and opinion leaders. Probably what they want. Later on they directly ask if you would blog about the tasting VIP event experience in your blog, if you would share your thoughts with others on the web and so on. If you put a “no” here, your chances to go there will probably not go up.

In the next part they ask how often you go out with friends for drinks, how many people you are in your group, how often you go drinking. And the survey also asks how many people come to your home if you are giving a party, how often you do parties at your place… a bunch of 100 people in your 200 square meter loft of course.

And then they get to the final section (that’s what I assume): How many mixed drinks you drink and what kind of cocktails, indicating price and how much you would spend on a mixdrink.

In the end they want to know more about the product awareness, if you know Courvoisier Exlusif, heard of it, if you tried it, purchased it or not, if you are planning to buy a bottle of it or if you – King’s question – would recommend it.

Finally the 10 out of 10 stars question: How much do you like the product from 0 “Hell no!” to 10 “Oh my god, I love it!”.

To sum it up: They want to know if you are a heavy Cognac consumer, surrounded by a great cercle of friends that goes out all the time, loves cocktails and throws parties at home and twitters about it the next morning. Good luck, dear Courvoisier Canada people! Hopefully this survey and event will give you some insights…

Source: and facebook fanpage Courvoisier Canada

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A closer look at a Courvoisier Exclusif VIP Tasting Session in Toronto

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