After having skipped a year, the “La Part des Anges” auction is back with an amazing line up of cognacs on offer. The 10th edition of the charity gala dinner will take place on September 22nd, 2016.

A total of 24 carafes and blends (most of them unique) have been donated by various cognac houses to be sold at the charity auction. The event is organized by the Interprofession du Cognac (the National Cognac Board), the BNIC. We’ve been there before!

The 24 Most Incredible Cognac Decanters You Have Ever Seen

One thing that’s immediately apparent is that the BNIC have gone to a lot of effort to rebrand the auction and bring it well and truly up to date.  Not only have they rebranded (with a funky new logo), but the complete newly designed website is now available in English, Russian, and Chinese (as well as French, naturally).  It’s also mobile responsive (kudos there…), and pretty advanced in every way.  For example, it’s possible to view and turn all the items to look at them around 360°. All in all, a really nice job by the digital Agency, Nicetomeetyou, who did the work…

This year the gala dinner will be created by Michelin Chef, Guy Savoy, head of the three Michelin star Parisian restaurant, Monnaie de Paris.  In addition, Guy is one of the founders of the renowned French culinary school, the Collège Culinaire de France.

So, let’s take a look at the cognacs on offer in this year’s auction:

Hardy ‘Summer’

Estimated price: 7 500€

Within the Four Seasons Collection, the House of Hardy unveils its second creation, “Summer”. This numbered 000/400 decanter, reserved for the “Part des Anges” auction, is a blend of Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie, that Armand Hardy put aside for his private reserve between the two World Wars. Their nose of honey and apricot added to an exceptional length on the palate, are a true tribute to the Maison Lalique artwork which decanter sublimes this rare and precious marriage.

The 24 Most Incredible Cognac Decanters You Have Ever Seen

ABK6 Spiritu

Estimated price: 6000€

This entirely new work is born of the encounter between the Abecassis family and two contemporary artists: Céline Delcourt and maria Perafan.

The symbolism of this work of art is captured by vines rooted in an exceptional soil which fully reflect the philosophy and spirit of the house ABK6 Cognac. The work “Spiritu” was conceived as a reflection of an anchor and heritage. Decanter, Cognac from our Paradise Cellar and sculpture come alive to become one. Inspired by nature, the creation is intertwined, blending together to enhance the Spiritu cuvée from ABK6. Spiritu, signifies “spirit” in Latin and displays it in this creative inspiration and breath of life from which ABK6 Cognac is born. This very old fins Bois Cognac dated back from beginning of last century represents the sensibility of this artwork’s spirit, its heritage and inimitable know-how.

The 24 Most Incredible Cognac Decanters You Have Ever Seen

Chateau de Cognac Francois 1er

Estimated price: 1200€

Born in the Château de Cognac in 1494, Francis the 1st initiated in France Humanism and renaissance. Patron of the Arts and Literature, he had a particular fondness for painted enamel and commissioned an enameller from Limoges a portrait of his second wife, Eleanor of Austria, which explains the choice of Limoges Porcelain for this bust of francis the 1st, inspired by his famous portrait by françois Clouet, now in the Louvre museum in Paris. Today, Baron Otard Cognacs have the privilege of being successors, in the Château de Cognac, to this famous king. The eaux de vie of the Grande Champagne, aged in the unique cellars of the Chateau bring elegance and finesse to the assemblage and make it a work of art that pays honor to this bust of francis the 1st in which it is contained.

The 24 Most Incredible Cognac Decanters You Have Ever Seen The 24 Most Incredible Cognac Decanters You Have Ever Seen

Cognac Gautier Les Origines : la vigne, le bois, l’eau

Estimated price: 2500€

These essential elements tell the story of Gautier cognac. How the fruit of the grapevines, aged in the oak from its forests, over the water of the local Osme river is carried by craftsmanship to create this truly unique set. A triptych of sleek decanters, known as the emblem of Maison Gautier, is presented on light coppered curves, softly patinated by the passing of time. Time is a precious ally for our cellar master, Isabelle Couprie, who has harmoniously blended rare eaux-de-vie from our terroir in Aigre, a region with a rich history in the origin of cognac. This powerful cognac reveals elegant cigar box and coffee bean aromas, combined with the sweetness of candied fruits and intense spicy notes.

The 24 Most Incredible Cognac Decanters You Have Ever Seen

Godet Cognac Origine

Estimated price: 5000€

Artistique collaboration between the Parisian sculptor romain de Suza & the Godet family, “Origine” is an invitation into the intimacy of cognac cellars. A large format of 3 liter cognac suspended in the air by a massive copper pedestal, reachable with a copper finished glass pipette.

“Origine” is a 45 years old Grand Champagne cognac, aged exclusively in La Rochelle by the Atlantic Ocean by 3 generations of Godet, Jean, Jacques & Jean-Jacques. The Pedestal allows a close to perfection assessment of the color & texture of the cognac and the pipette to serve each glass like the master blenders does, straight from the barrel. The artist Romain de Souza, is a friend of the Godet family and has developed an obsession for Copper. He uses it to revisit the European traditions of art. More recently he has focused on the Godet heritage with a first personal interpretation of sailing (Sail project), this “Origine” project looks into cognac & its protocol. “Origine” is 100% handmade cognac & sculpture produced at 3 original copies only.

The 24 Most Incredible Cognac Decanters You Have Ever Seen

J. Dupont Cognac Maison Boinaud – Art de Vie

Estimated price: 2500€

Created especially for the 10th “La Part des Anges” this unique Cognac is presented in a exquisite crystal decanter elegantly designed to complement the taste secrets it holds. The precious liquid rests on a 24 hand-gilded stand under a beautiful understated glass dome. This very old Grande Champagne Cognac has been crafted for maturity allowing the years to complete the tasting perfection of flavour harmony now offered to you. The nose is intensely rich and develops aromas such as “rancio“, crème brûlée and sandalwood with elegance and delicacy. Only a few drops on the palate will take you on a fabulous journey lasting several moments while awaking the sensations. Taste the intense, elegant silky flavours of this truly remarkable blend to savour a moment of perfection and pure pleasure. “Art de Vie”, by J. Dupont Cognac, captures the essence of a legacy of several genera-tions on a “Domaine de Grande Champagne” generations who have applied their expertise and knowledge, the art of patience and resolution to accomplish this extraordinary and exceptional work of art”.

The 24 Most Incredible Cognac Decanters You Have Ever Seen

Cognac Meukow Eternity

Estimated price: 6000€

“Meukow Eternity” is a unique piece especially created for the tenth edition of “La Part des Anges”. For this event, Anne Sarteaux, Meukow Cognac‘s Cellar master, selected cognacs of Grande and Petite Champagne among the treasures which have been pre-ciously kept in the Paradis cellar for several generations. Illustration of a great cognac, this fine Champagne develops complex and powerful aromas, flavours of great suppleness and an aromatic length evolving towards a subtil rancio.

Cristalised in its radiant custom-made case, this work of time reveals its golden and amber colour in a mouth-blown-glass flask inspired by the topettes of yesteryear. This creation by Philippe Seys reflects the spirit of meukow Cognacs and its attachment to root its over 150-years-old know-how in an elegant and modern universe.

The 24 Most Incredible Cognac Decanters You Have Ever Seen

Cognac Normandin-Mercier Essentiel

Estimated price: 3 000€

Oak and steel, two essential components for making Cognac, are part of all the dualities of the world of spirits (hot and cold, live and still, strong and weak…). Directly taken from a rough lumber log from the La Pallice shipyard in La Rochelle, this bloc of oak has been carved by a talented artisan, and fitted with a refined soft calf leather piece. The bottle, a replica from last century, reflects simplicity and pure elegance; it has been ador-ned with a ring called the Turk’s head knot made by the sailors of the Hermione, Nicolas Forgeau and Jose Valier, at the Rochefort sur Mer royal maritime arsenal: a beautiful story.

The cask-strength eau de vie, which is naturally reduced after long years of ageing, comes up to the nose very softly, with fresh notes of exotic fruits (pineapple, mango), and notes of candied fruits (apricot, quince), and a ran-cio which subtly evolves on a coat of sandal wood and vanilla bean.

The 24 Most Incredible Cognac Decanters You Have Ever Seen

Cognac Rémy Martin XO- Édition limitée 2015

Estimated price : 1 000€

In 2015, Rémy Martin celebrated its close link with cinema with a sumptuous limited edition of its XO “Extra Old” cognac: as though immersed in a bath of gold just for a moment, the iconic carafe was adorned in dazzling gold, and framed with two thin rolls of film.

An evocation of the refinement and elegance of its eaux-de-vie and the french-style prestige of the Cannes film festival and its 68th edition. The jeroboam of this limited edition was signed by the mem-bers of the film festival Jury – Ethan and Joel Cohen, Sophie Marceau, Sienna Miller, Xavier Dolan, Jake Gyllenhaal, Guillermo del Toro, Rossy de Palma and Rokia Traoré – making it the only piece of its kind in the world, with unimaginable value. “La maison Rémy Martin” would like to combine this item with a unique VIP experience at the Cannes festival 2017. Intended for two people and lasting 24 hours, this experience will of course include walking up the steps as well as the projection of a film, with potentially glorious posterity!

The 24 Most Incredible Cognac Decanters You Have Ever Seen

Cognac Courvoisier Extrait N°1

Estimated price : 8 000€

During the four years develo-ping “L’Essence de Courvoisier”, I passionately tasted hundreds of eaux de vie issued from Grande Champagne and Borderies crus before selecting with my team the ones which would be used for this wonderful blend. One in particular captivated my inspiration, a very old Grande Champagne with its unique and distinctive character. At that time, I was fascinated by its richness and elegance and wished already for the day when it would give birth to an exceptional cognac, now called “Extrait N°1”. “Extrait N°1” is a jewel with a strong aromatic profile where the notes of leather, honey, spices combine with aromas of cedar, nuts, candied fruit, providing an uncomparable tasting pleasure, with a very smooth finish and an aromatic complexity that only few great cognacs can offer. The delicate amber colour of “Extrait N°1” is further enhanced by a beautiful Baccarat decanter adorned by a finely crafted diamond shaped crystal stopper and suspended in a copper hued frame.

The 24 Most Incredible Cognac Decanters You Have Ever Seen

Delamain & Co Millésimes

Estimated price : 3 000€

For the 10th edition of “La Part des Anges”, the house of Delamain has created “millésimes”, an exceptional blend made from the vintage cognacs individually offered during the previous editions of the charity event.

The maître de chai has crafted this blend exclusively with these Vintage cognacs (the younger being 40 yO) all certified by the BNIC. Presented in a crystal decanter and a gift box, “millésimes” is a very elegant and perfectly balanced cognac, which reveals aromas and savours of hyacinth, orange, almond, candied fruits and leather.

The 24 Most Incredible Cognac Decanters You Have Ever Seen

François Voyer Lot N°6

Estimated price: 2000€

The fashion designer, Yves Saint Laurent uttered his first cries, as a famous young singer became “The Little Sparrow”, and we mourned the death of the hero aviator, Jean Mermoz. It is at this precise moment in history that the first flavours of this unique nectar were created by our grandparents, and it was their experienced hands that kindled the flame under the family alambic. Following its momentous creation, this eau-de-vie was placed in an oak barrel and interred, like an ancestor into a mausoleum, to wait its time: Cognac, the king of spirits. We must remember, however, that this liquid gold never just sleeps. It evaporates, oxidizes, concentrates; season after season, year after year to quietly and discreetly approach its apogee.Today, under these bright lights and in its magnificent decanter, “Lot No 6” stands as a unique, singular example of the very best work created by the Voyer domain. A Grand Champagne Cognac, from a humble estate that has attracted great prestige. “Lot No 6” is a cognac with a complex structure and aromas of cedar-wood and leather, enrobed in jasmine. It will ensnare your emotions like a nostalgic photograph, and bring the past back to life.

The 24 Most Incredible Cognac Decanters You Have Ever Seen

Cognac Frapin La cuvée François Rabelais n°592

Estimated price: 5500€

For the 2016 Angel’s Share Auction and 10th Anniversary, Frapin offers an objet d’art: Cuvée François Rabelais N° 592Time standing still, marking the unshakeable connection between today and the past in the metal and glass bottle. Hanging from a fine golden frame, The Francois Rabelais decanter is inspired by the pocket watches of our ancestors. An alliance of noble materials, fine laced pew-ter, plated with 24 carat Gold, the decanter is simultaneously an objet d’art and a pendulum. An original creation that reminds us that in these hurried times, allowing time itself to do its one’s work can create happiness and excellence as per Cognac Frapin being the perfect example.

François Rabelais, son of Anne Catherine Frapin, renaissance erudite and humanist but also lover of good food and wines, has brilliantly celebrated the french art of living. Frapin has paid tribute to this famous ancestor with the creation of its prestigious “Cuvée Rabelais”.The Frapin family has been established since 1270 in the very heart of the Grande Champagne area, the Premier Cru of Cognac on a domain lately increased to 240 hectares. Cuvée Rabelais, unique Cognac reveals a sumptuous bouquet and complex aromas, blend of very old Grande Champagne who will offer an exceptional taste to enlightened enthusiasts, the nose is fine, delicate, opulent in the mouth, symbol of a unique family’s tradition.

The 24 Most Incredible Cognac Decanters You Have Ever Seen

Hine Cognac Hine Millésime 1916

Estimated price: 7 000€

Indelible photograph of a year’s events, the vintage philosophy is inseparable with Hine’s identity. The Grande Champagne’s chalky soil leaves a lasting impression on the eaux-de-vie, the ageing calms the ardour of the early years, magnifying an extraordinary persistent freshness, even after many years of ageing in oak cask. One hundred years have gone by since the harvest of this particular 1916 Vintage.
A century during which hints of currants, iris and white pepper have become apparent. On the nose, bitter orange marmalade, slightly tangy, backed by a subtle opulence. finally a touch of walnuts lingers on the palate. Hine decided to adorn this 1916 Vintage in a contemporary work of art by American artist James Viscardi who won the Hine Painting Prize at the Royal College of Art Graduate Exhibition in 2011, arguably the most influential university of art and design.

The 24 Most Incredible Cognac Decanters You Have Ever Seen

Jas Hennessy and Co Édition Particulière

Estimated price: 20000€

“The founder’s storehouse is at the heart of Hennessy” The founder’s chai, the first chai of maison Hennessy serves as a depository for Hennessy’s most precious eaux-de-vie. They are works of art formed over time and with the discernment of 7 generations of master Blenders from the fillioux family. From the protected environ-ment of this century chai, out of time, is born an “Édition Particulière”, specially created for “La Part des Anges” 2016. This year, Yann Fillioux, seventh generation of master Blender, identified a handful of eaux-de-vie at the peak of their expression.

Now, he is offering us the privilege of extracting a tiny amount in order to create an exceptional blend before they are transferred into demijohns. His successors will decide on the optimal moment to use them, which may not occur before decades. This timeless cognac of a remarkable intensity, is the absolute reflection of the Hennessy savoir-faire.

The 24 Most Incredible Cognac Decanters You Have Ever Seen

Léopold Gourmel Petite Champagne – Millésime 1972

Estimated price: 1 800€

An informal society of Artisan/Artist, a rare association of the most talented french and local artisans, has created this masterpiece beautifying this unique cognac. The crystal decanter is exceptional, the wooden “treasury chest” is specially made by our favorite cabinet maker, the leather upholstering comes from a Jarnac artisan, the lacquer from a specialist in Cognac and finally the cognac is our cellar master’s personal favorite: a piece of history, the ultimate cognac.

“Delicate nose, with fruity notes, a hint of dried apricot and preserved white peach. Light and fine notes of sweet spices, cinnamon and vanilla, fragrances of bergamot tea. On the palate, the approach is very supple evolving delicately into a richer feeling, opening on notes of nectar of apricot, com-pleted by fresh notes of harmonised wood. The finish, extremely delicate, extends this feeling of fullness and balance, typical of Petite Champagne, slowly and naturally reduced to 40% thanks to a long ageing in a remarkably humid cellar.”

The 24 Most Incredible Cognac Decanters You Have Ever Seen

Louis Royer Éloge

“Éloge” has been created to celebrate our passion for exceptional cognacs transmitted from generation to generation and perfectly illustrated with this unique Grande Champagne.

After decades of ageing, it reached its fullness in the humid and dark atmosphere of the “Paradis”, enhancing its richness and complexity. This unique cognac is well-balanced, nuanced and mellow with its fruity, floral, spicy and woody notes. Hints of silky rancio subtly wrap this firework of flavours intermingling candied citron, exotic fruit, hyacinth, orange blossom, saffron, beeswax, sandalwood and liquorice wood. The facets of the crystal decanter illuminate the golden glitters of its deep amber colour. This product is a unique piece specially designed for the 10th edition of “La Part des Anges”.

The 24 Most Incredible Cognac Decanters You Have Ever Seen

Bache-Gabrielsen Apotek

Estimated price: 1900€

In 1916, when Prohibition started in Norway, Thomas Bache-Gabrielsen escaped the restrictions as he sold the cognac in pharmacies – “Apotek” in Norwegian. This unprecedented lot has been inspired by this apothecary world, soul of the Cognac House Bache-Gabrielsen: its “Comptoir”, its labels’ room with the numerous wood drawers, its master Blender’s laboratory with the multiple tasting samples. This authentic “cognathèque” contains thirty flasks of eaux-de-vie, from different ages, and from all the growing districts of the Cognac region. The opportunity to educate one’s nose to the wide range of the cognac aromas.

The 24 Most Incredible Cognac Decanters You Have Ever Seen

Maison Ferrand Cognac Ferrand « Mémoires » – Millésime 1969

Estimated price: 2000€

Years ago, the vintage cognacs 1965 and 1968 from Maison Ferrand were rated 100/100 by the prestigious Beverage Testing Institute. From the mythic “Vintage memories Collection” the year 1969 is equally exceptional, sharing a quality with the two vintages: rare. for the occasion of the 10th Angel’s Share, Alexandre Gabriel, owner, and master blender of maison ferrand, will offer a single bottle at auction, not one more. La Dame Jeanne will hold onto the rest of this rare cognac ensuring that it never leaves the paradise of Chateau Bonbonnet. If the content is unique, the vessel is equally so. A 19th century crystal carafe beautifully restored by a glass master craftsman presented in a leather-lined mahogany case. An elegant custom setting paying homage to the genius skill of man. This magnificent carafe magnifies the work of today’s artisans as much the cellar master who dared place his bet on these spirits. This vintage 1969 is praised for its bouquet of delicate spices and dried fruits, developing subtle aromas of pear and licorice with age.

The 24 Most Incredible Cognac Decanters You Have Ever Seen

Maison J. A. Renault Âge du Temps

Estimated price : 4 000€ J.A. Renault Cognac House founded in 1835 has always been obsessed with offering the most accomplished cognacs. For some of the selected cognacs, only time could bring about the ultimate desired intensity. This is what symbolizes the “Hourglass – âge du Temps” for J.A. renault. We have selected an eau-de-vie from the Grande Champagne region that was distilled during the winter of 1950 in the village of St. Preuil. Aged in oak barrels for 60 years in the dampness of a thick-walled cellar, since 2010 this cognac has been stored in a demijohn to preserve the ultimate balance obtained by the effect of time. This cognac with its exceptio-nal intensity reveals aromas of prune, orange zest and mango as well as nutmeg and liquorice, enriched with complex notes of leather, cedar wood and tobacco.

The 24 Most Incredible Cognac Decanters You Have Ever Seen

Martell Édouard 1920

Estimated price: 11 000€

The House of martell presents “Édouard” in tribute to Édouard Martell, who died in 1920. The bottle contains an extremely rare eau-de-vie not previously released, a Grande Champagne cognac from 1920. Bottled straight from the cask at 48.8% alcohol by volume, the spirit is non chill-filtered in order to bring out the full character of the growth and retain the eau-de-vie’s aromatic intensity. This cognac has a brilliant, golden-copper hue with glints of mahogany and amber. The nose, at first expressive and fruity, is enhanced by aromas of candied citrus peel (Corsican mandarin or kumquat) or crystallised fruit. Swirling in the glass reveals an ideal balance of dried flowers or Virginia tobacco leaves, crystal-lised fruit (Angoulême apricot) and a hint of honey and spice. On the palate, the attack is fullbodied and expressive with a distinctly rounded character.

The 24 Most Incredible Cognac Decanters You Have Ever Seen

Merlet Le Fil

Estimated price: 2000€

“Le Fil” is a blend of eaux-de-vie from fins Bois, the only cru distilled by the Merlet family until the late 60s. They lasted through the 20th century to be united today in a unique cognac.merlet’s expertise has been built over the decades. Le Fil showcases the work of three generations of cognac makers. The first one is second generation Édouard, at work in the early 20th century. Shortly after the Second World War, it’s the third generation’s turn, with Guy, while Gilles, the fourth and penultimate generation, took over in the late seventies. This exclusive blend comes in a generous 3 litres bottle, inspired by an old decanter.

It has been exclusively mouth blown by a glass craftsman, dressed by a craft basket maker from Saint Sauvant, the village that has seen five successive generations work at the merlet distillery since 1850, and a local leather craftsman. “Le fil” honors the outstanding bond forged between family and village as well as the Merlet filiation, perpetuated through generations – and cognacs.

The 24 Most Incredible Cognac Decanters You Have Ever Seen

Tiffon Golden Crystal Dragon

Estimated price: 2 100€

This carafe is presented in a mahogany cigare box created by the master craftsman Thierry Drevelle. Peerless skills and outstanding varieties of wood to present this bottle crafted by the hungarian crystal glassworks Ajka with the partnership of masako Suzuki and Eli Savransky. For more than 130 years they are blowing crystal by hand traditionally. This case holds a blend of Hors d’âge cognacs from our Paradis, a particular reserve created and kept away by four generations of the Braastad family. The tradi-tionnal manner has enabled to obtain rare and delightful cognac, that you can find, today, in this cristal decanter.

The 24 Most Incredible Cognac Decanters You Have Ever Seen

That’s one impressive lineup. What’s your favorite bottle?

Source & Copyright: La Part des Anges website / ntmy, BNIC

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The 24 Most Incredible Cognac Decanters You Have Ever Seen

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