The Holiday season is here. But before the year comes to an end… It’s time for Christmas shopping–whether you like it or not. In our experience, it’s not easy to find a suitable gift for your work colleagues, boss, or business acquaintances. How to say thank you in a professional and elegant way? The answer: Give them a bottle of Cognac. Everyone enjoys a special French something, and even better when it’s a beautifully crafted spirit.

Before you browse through our list of best gift ideas for professional contacts, we simply HAVE to show you our number 1 choice of gift: Sophie & Max’s very first Limited Edition Cognac which we produced in collaboration with a small Cognac producer in our neighborhood. We’re super proud to have launched Limited Edition Sélection Nº 1–numbers are limited!

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We have compiled a list of Cognac gifts that are perfectly suited for anyone in your professional circle. Forget trawling around department stores. Simply get online (or get your assistant to get online), and purchase the perfect gift without breaking into a sweat.

Cognac gifts for your colleague

1. A.E. Dor Extra Grande Champagne Cognac

Here’s a wonderful gift box by established Cognac house A.E. Dor. We love their understated elegance, and can picture this Cognac as the perfect gift for any business acquaintance.

Buy the A.E. Dor Extra now in our online shop. Or discover some beautiful gift sets from the great range of A.E. Dor Cognac.

2. Marancheville XO Grande Champagne Cognac

We have to say, this is a truly extraordinary XO quality Cognac that really does belie its low price tag. From the eye-catching decanter and presentation box, right through to the wonderful liquid contained within, the only issue with buying this one as a gift is that you’re going to want to keep it for yourself!

Certainly one to buy if you’re looking to impress!

Discover more about the Marancheville XO Grande Champagne Cognac and buy now in our online shop.

Of course, you might want to find out more about the whole Marancheville range, which you can do right here.

3. Raymond Ragnaud Vintage 1991 Grande Champagne Cognac

There’s something about giving a vintage year Cognac as a gift that screams quality. And this one by the house of Raymond Ragnaud is certainly no exception. This is the epitome of why the Grande Champagne region is the premier cru of all the growth areas. And the folks at Raymond Ragnaud have got everything about this superb Cognac just right.

Buy the Raymond Ragnaud Vintage 1991 Grande Champagne Cognac now in the Cognac Expert online store.

Or find out more about this family run house’s excellent range of other vintage and top quality Cognacs here.

4. Meukow XO Extra Old Cognac

There’s a very good reason why Meukow Cognacs continue to clean up at competitions worldwide-and that’s because their wares are simply wonderful! The ‘pouncing panther’ that is the emblem of the house makes for a striking decanter, and the Cognac itself continues in exactly the same theme.

Add in the fact that this Cognac comes in a delightful presentation case, and you’ve got all the aspects necessary for a wonderful corporate gift.

Find out more about the Meukow XO Extra Old Cognac and buy now in our online shop.

Or shop the whole Meukow range here.

Impress your Business Acquaintances

5. Cognac Expert Subscription

No matter what kind of work relation it is, a Cognac subscription will certainly be delightfully received. And, naturally, will communicate exactly the right message about the type of person you are, as well. If you’re not entirely sure what the taste of the person you’re giving a gift for is, then have a look at giving them our curated Cognac Subscription.

This allows you to choose from different models and frequencies. It’s a great way to get to know Cognac, and the selections are diverse and offer a range of Cognac blends and ages.

Buy your business contact a Cognac Expert Subscription.

6. Pasquet Tres Vieille Réserve Grande Champagne Cognac

When it comes to letting the Cognac do the talking, no artisan house does it better than Pasquet Cognac. This delightful Grande Champagne, Hors d’Age quality Cognac is intense, forceful, yet perfectly balanced. And we love the simplistic bottle it comes in. Sometimes you simply don’t need the bells and whistles of flashy packaging, because the Cognac really does say it all…

Discover more about the Pasquet Tres Vieille Reserve Cognac and buy now for delivery worldwide, no matter where you may live.

Shop the complete Pasquet Cognac range in our online shop.

7. Bache Gabrielsen Pure and Rustic Cognac Tasting Set

Sometimes it can be difficult to select just a single Cognac to give as a gift. And if you’re trying to get a message across to the recipient, then this tasting set will show just how great you are at selecting a much-sought after gift. Have a look at the Bache-Gabrielsen Pure & Rustic Tasting Set, it’s a really interesting range.

Buy the Bache Gabrielsen Pure and Rustic Cognac Tasting Set here.

Consisting of 4 x 35cl size bottles, the set from Bache Gabrielsen is unique in the fact that it doesn’t use the traditional methods of defining a Cognac (such as VS, VSOP, and XO). Instead these Cognacs are designed to allow the taster to further understand the different types of aromas that can be found in a Cognac, without the constraints of the traditional labeling.

  1. Pure and Rustic Secret Garden Cognac provides floral notes of honeysuckle and eucalyptus.
  2. Pure and Rustic Fruity Harvest Cognac epitomizes the fruity side of Cognac. Enjoy notes of pear, fresh almonds, and vanilla.
  3. Pure and Rustic Golden Wood Cognac is all about the woody tones. Here you’ll discover tones of clove, toasted bread, and licorice.
  4. Pure and Rustic Spicy Trip Cognac takes the drinker on the spicier side of life, with deliciously naughty aromas and flavors of black pepper, orange zest, and nutmeg.

Check out the rest of the Bache Gabrielsen range in our online shop.

8. Renault Heritage Collection Vintage 1989 Petite Champagne Cognac

This is a wonderful choice for a corporate gift, being a vintage 1989 Petite Champagne Cognac in a contemporary style bottle and top notch presentation box. Cellar Master of Renault Cognac, David Croizet, says that this is a Cognac from a year that produced a truly exceptional harvest.

But the Renault Heritage Collection Vintage 1989 Petite Champagne Cognac in our online shop for delivery worldwide.

Find out more about the other Cognacs on offer from Renault Cognac.

9. Delamain Ambassador Attaché Box Cognac Tasting Set

This Delamain tasting set is as delicious as it is classic. Set in a smart, attaché case presentation box with a wonderful pair of tulip tasting glasses, it’s a gift sure to impress whoever you choose to present it to.

Within the case are 3 delightful Cognacs, each bottle being 20cl in size.

  1. Delamain Pale and Dry XO Cognac is fruity, delicate, and mellow. It’s a wonderful introduction into the expertise of Delamain Cognacs.
  2. Delamain Vesper XO is a full, mature Cognac with wonderful fruity tones.
  3. Delamain Extra Cognac is, as the name suggests, a Cognac that takes the taster one step beyond a regular XO… A wonderful old Grande Champagne delight-a Cognac that deserves to be drunk in good company, and when one has plenty of time to savor the luxurious sensory journey it brings with it.

Buy the Delamain Ambassador Attaché Box Cognac Tasting Set here.

To explore the complete Delamain range and buy from the heart of Cognac to be delivered to your doorstep, click here.

Perfect gift for the Boss

10. Delamain Pack Collection Cognac Tasting Set

Consisting of five Cognacs, this tasting set certainly makes for a superb gift. It’s made up of five x 20cl bottles of Grande Champagne offerings from the wonderful house of Delamain.

  • Delamain Pale & Dry XO Cognac is so named because it’s much paler than usual for a Cognac of this age and quality.
  • Delamain l’Extra de Grande Champagne Cognac showcases exactly why the chalky soils of this terroir and the grapes they produce are so sought after.
  • Delamain Le Vesper XO Cognac brings maturity, body, and real complexity to the taster.
  • Delamain le Tres Venerable Cognac truly lives up to its name. So-called because to be given the status, Venerable, means that a Cognac has reached the maximum age to which it can continue to improve.
  • Delamain La Reserve de la Famille Cognac is exceptionally rare, and one that the family Delamain say they reserve for their guests and family.

Buy the Delamain Pack Collection Tasting Set now.

Or find out more about the whole Delamain range of Cognacs in our online shop.

11. Lheraud Vintage 1979 Petite Champagne Cognac

 This is truly an outstanding Cognac. So if you’re looking for a gift to impress… This vintage year offering from a true craft house is as powerful in taste as it is striking in its packaging. Perfect combined with a strong coffee, or with a quality cigar.

Certainly one with the wow factor! Buy the Lheraud Vintage 1979 Petite Champagne Cognac in our online shop.

Discover more and shop the complete Lheraud range here.

12. A Personal Vintage Cognac 

If you’re looking for that Cognac with an extra special message, then check out our Vintage Cognacs. Created from a single harvest that are in one way or another out of the ordinary. This could be in quality, or it could be that there was a shortage in the eaux-de-vie produced that year, therefore making such a Cognac truly sought after.After all, nothing means more than to know someone has picked out a gift specifically because the year it was created has meaning to the person receiving it.

And remember, every purchase made from the Cognac Expert online store includes taxes, custom fees, and professional packaging to ensure it reaches you in pristine condition. Exceptional Cognac and exceptional customer service-that’s the Cognac Expert promise.

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