The money management company, Pimco, drew new talent to its helm in 2009.  This included veteran value investor – Anne Gudefin.

Investment Fund

Gudefin likes nothing better than to turn her back on the usual trends, and searches out stocks which trade at 30-40% below their basic value.  Her new $1.2 billion dollar fund, Pimco EqS Pathfinder, is a great example of what she sees as a sound investment.

Building on what we at Cognac Expert have been reporting for a while now, she says that Chinese consumers are cognac crazy.  Some bottles, and not necessarily those which are the most expensive, change hands for thousands of dollars.

She also commented on the fact that the amount of luxury goods being exported to China is increasing on an almost daily basis.

So, another good reason to invest in bottles of cognac – the only hardship is not to drink them.


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$1.2 billion dollar fund invests into Cognac Bottles

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