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4694157-the-man-with-a-cigar-and-a-glass-of-cognac 14 hours ago

Remy Martin Louis XIII Cognac & Cigars: A match made in heaven?

There’s no denying the joy of sipping your favourite cognac, but for those who also like a smoke, then cigars and cognac really do exist in mutual wedded bliss. There are many cigars that are produced specifically to pair with a good cognac, and also cognacs made with the intention that they’re enjoyed with a…

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Salignac 2 days ago

Salignac Cognac

A reader has a cognac bottle of Salignac at home. The bottle is located in Brampton Ontario Canada. The reader writes “sent to my father in law in 1978 as a gift from mexico, he was a shoe designer and was sent the bottle as a thank you for some work he had done.” (If…

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barman 5 days ago

Cognac and Cocktails: why the US is way behind the times

Now, it’s not very often that you can ever accuse the USA of being slow to pick up on a trend. But when it comes to the penchant for using Cognac and other French brandies in cocktails, it has to be said that they really are lagging behind in the enjoyment stakes. Unlike gin, whisky,…

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Rouyer Guillet 6 days ago

Cognac Rouyer Guillet Cognac 50 years old

A reader has a 50 years old cognac bottle of Rouyer Guillet at home. The bottle is located in Owl’s Head, Maine, USA. The reader writes “Bought by my parents in about 1970 – no further details are known. Label on back of bottle reads: “Imported by Gosling Bros Ltd, Hamilton, Bermuda. Bottled in France“….

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Courvoisier-Tribute-Borderies 6 days ago

Courvoisier Releases Four XO Limited Edition Cognacs

Well, we know it’s the time of year for new cognacs to be brought to market, but Courvoisier have certainly ‘one-upped’ everyone by bringing out four at the same time. Released exclusively to the UK market, this limited edition range tells the story of the cognac house through the ages, and is the creation of…

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Hennessy 44 Cognac Still Current Thanks to Obama’s Victory

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Hennessy White, the “Pure White Hennessy”: Bottle Review

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Value needed: Cameron’s Cream of France Cognac

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Hennessy Balloon Glasses

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Hennessy White, the “Pure White Hennessy”: Bottle Review

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Rémy Martin VSOP Cognac

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