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Cognac-Expert’s 5th Anniversary

We’ll drink to that! It’s 5 years this month that we, Sophie and Max, started Cognac-Expert.com. The slowest French rural internet connection coupled with our passion for Cognac and love for the Charente region, made us begin this adventure. Back then we were freaking out about the first 20 visitors…today we can count thousands of visitors per day!…

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Cognac & Whiskey 4 days ago

10 Reasons why Cognac is better than Whiskey

Here is our article about why Cognac is better than Whiskey. In our opinion, Cognac is the more versatile drink – it can be enjoyed on its own, as a long-drink, or even in a champagne cocktail! The price for a bottle of Cognac can range from $35 for a young VS Cognac perfect for mixing…

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The Art of Martell: 300th Anniversary Campaign

Martell Cognac is, understandably, really pushing out the boat to celebrate their 300th anniversary this year. Along with the Martell Cordon Bleu Limited Edition 2015 Cognac, Martell Premier Voyage and the Martell Assemblage Exlusif de 3 Millesimes Cognac, the parent company of Pernod Ricard has just launched a brand new advertising campaign.   The campaign…

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Hennessy Bras D'or 5 days ago

Hennessy Bras d’Or Cognac

A reader has a cognac bottle of Hennessy Bras d’Or Cognac at home. The bottle is located in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. The Reader writes “This fabulous bottle of cognac beautifully boxed in green velvet and ecru satin was presented to me in the late 1970s. My fiancee romantically announced, “We will drink this exceptional…

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Pinocchio Barrique: Age your own Cognac!

We love new innovations, and the Pinocchio Barrique Bottle is certainly one of these! This unique concept allows you to decant a bottle of Cognac into a specially designed wooden bottle, and it will continue to age. The Pinocchio Barrique is suitable for all alcoholic beverages with an alcohol content of more than 12o. Its…

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Mike at 2015-03-01 01:15:23 in:

Godet Napoleon Trés Vieille Réserve Cognac

„My offer 300$ Including shipping Ship to NJ usa“

Paul Bissett at 2015-02-28 16:01:20 in:

10 Reasons why Cognac is better than Whiskey

„The French drink more scotch in a month, than cognac in a year,,,,,,,nuff said.“

Peter Bowyer at 2015-02-28 12:29:32 in:

10 Reasons why Cognac is better than Whiskey

„Gael - that still leaves 10% (or about 15,000,000 bottles a year) which, at the moment, is enough for those who care about what they are drinking. Cognac is the most noble spirit and there is still plenty of the really...“

Gael at 2015-02-27 18:15:28 in:

10 Reasons why Cognac is better than Whiskey

„So if cognac is so great, why cut it with tons of colourings and sugar? 90% of cognac is utterly crap...“

Tony at 2015-02-27 17:23:30 in:

Louis Royer Grande Fine Champagne Cognac

„150$ My offer“

Tony at 2015-02-27 17:21:37 in:

Hennessy Bras d’Or Cognac

„My offer 600$“