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barman 2 days ago

Cognac and Cocktails: why the US is way behind the times

Now, it’s not very often that you can ever accuse the USA of being slow to pick up on a trend. But when it comes to the penchant for using Cognac and other French brandies in cocktails, it has to be said that they really are lagging behind in the enjoyment stakes. Unlike gin, whisky,…

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Rouyer Guillet 3 days ago

Cognac Rouyer Guillet Cognac 50 years old

A reader has a 50 years old cognac bottle of Rouyer Guillet at home. The bottle is located in Owl’s Head, Maine, USA. The reader writes “Bought by my parents in about 1970 – no further details are known. Label on back of bottle reads: “Imported by Gosling Bros Ltd, Hamilton, Bermuda. Bottled in France“….

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Courvoisier-Tribute-Borderies 3 days ago

Courvoisier Releases Four XO Limited Edition Cognacs

Well, we know it’s the time of year for new cognacs to be brought to market, but Courvoisier have certainly ‘one-upped’ everyone by bringing out four at the same time. Released exclusively to the UK market, this limited edition range tells the story of the cognac house through the ages, and is the creation of…

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Erte 5 days ago

Courvoisier Erte Collection: Cognac No.3

A reader has the No. 3 Cognac bottle of the Courvoisier Erte Collection at home. The bottle is located in home. The reader writes “I bought the bottle 15 years ago private collector in my jewelry store that I owned.” (If you also have a Cognac bottle you would like to sell, or you need…

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denis-lahouratate-a-gauche-et-loic-rakotomalala-ont_451821_536x358p 6 days ago

98-Year-Old Barrel Returns Home to Bisquit Cognac

Just under a century ago, on 03 November 1916, the two-masted Swedish schooner, Jönköping, was hit by torpedoes from a German U-22 and sunk into the depths of the icy Baltic Sea. Actually, there is some controversy over whether it was a torpedo that sunk her, or a dynamite charge or deck gun – but…

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Courvoisier Complete Erte Collection

„Hello #48 kendra, I just pay $6,800 + $200 shipping for 1-8 here this week.I will give you the same price. Thanks! Philip“

Guillermo at 2014-11-19 23:19:08 in:

Privilège Reserve du Prince Cognac Limited Selection

„Can anyone tell me current market value this bottle has ,in this condition.“

steve at 2014-11-19 11:40:45 in:

Napoléon Aigle Rouge Cognac

„Hello, interesting bottle. I've had many Aigle Rouge but never tried the Hors D'Age I wil offer 75 euros +postage to Portugal RSVP“

Kendra at 2014-11-19 00:42:30 in:

Courvoisier Complete Erte Collection

„I have bottles 1-8 with boxes and certification. If anyone is interested,tell me.“

Michael at 2014-11-18 23:03:29 in:

Hennessy Extra Cognac

„Steve, I have many of these bottles both XO and Extra from 1950s and 1960s. There are very large variations in the levels indicating a poorly designed cork/capsule that releases vapor over time. I've seen many sealed...“

Fanny at 2014-11-18 16:34:10 in:

The little brother of Cognac: What is Pineau? How is it made?

„What is a good wine to mix with Chateau de Beaulonineau vieille reserve or pineau does charentes 10 year aged“