Cognac and fine art certainly have a lot of similarities, so it makes perfect sense that the house of Martell Cognac has teamed up with Chinese artist, Zhang Yu for their latest promotion.  And with China being the largest market for cognac exports in terms of growth and monetary value, the collaboration is certainly marketing genius by Martell.


The ‘Ink Ceremony’ is all about the blending of both cognac and the culture of Chinese ink.  Zhang has said that the exhibition, which is to be found at the 16th century Chateau de Chanteloup in Cognac and also in the Martell cellar, is ‘a dialogue between the spirit of Chinese ink and Martell Cognac.’

Zhang is known for using porcelain bowls filled with ink to create stunning visual displays.  But for the first part of this cognac exhibition in Chateau de Chanteloup, he will instead use cognac glasses filled with black Chinese ink.  Hundreds of glasses are used, set out in perfect lines to symbolize the blending of both cognac, and eaux-de-vie and the culture of Chinese ink.  This exhibition is entitled, ‘2013.10.24: Cheers with Martell – Ink.’

The second part will be located in the cellars of Martell, and called ‘Blue and White Porcelain and Martell.’  In this exhibition Zhang uses many of the infamous blue and white Chinese porcelain bowls filled with Martell Cognac and mixed with water.  These will be allowed to gradually evaporate, symbolizing the famous ‘angels’ share’ that occurs during the aging process of eaux-de-vie.

‘2013.10.24: Cheers with Martell’ will be on display on the 24th and 25th October at Chateau de Chanteloup.

‘Blue and White Porcelain and Martell’ goes on a little longer, from the 24th October to the 30th, at Martell’s Cognac Cellar.

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Martell Cognac and Fine Art Asia 2013: Zhang Yu Ink Ceremony

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