A new brand of high-end cognac has hit the market. It goes by the name of zelia cognac »”>Zelia Cognac.

The brand is the brainchild of Frederic and Christa Dulin, who have bought a winery and started a new life in Sales d’Angles in the Cognac region.  This is not some ‘get rich quick’ venture by these two cognac lovers. They have spent the last three years studying and tasting brandy and cognac in their quest to launch a premium brand.

Frederic and Christa moved to Cognac with their three children and a life-long appreciation of fine wine and spirits. Their new home, Domaine de Cognac Zelia, dates back to 1805, located in the heart of the Grande Champagne region.  They have five hectares of vines, a beautiful house, and several wineries on-site, where they produce their unique cognac blends from start to finish.


The Dulins have no desire to compete with the big cognac houses.  Instead, their ethos is that of producing an artisanal cognac – and only 5,000 bottles per year – which they will sell directly to the end consumer.  This includes sales to some of the most exclusive French restaurants and 5 star hotels. And that’s obviously just the beginning.

So, what can we expect from Zelia Cognac?  The first product is Zeila Diamant No 58: A cognac that pays homage to the famous fragrance, Chanel No. 5.  It’s a blend of 58 different eaux-de-vie, all from the 1er cru region Grande Champagne, and with an average age of 50 years.

Domaine Zelia Cognac

Presented in a luxurious handcrafted carafe, and produced by master glassmakers, every step of the creation of Diamant No 58 is lovingly monitored by Christa Dulin.  Each carafe is signed by her as a personal guarantee.

The price of a carafe Zelia Diamant No 58 is 1,400 Euros.

Sources: cognacszelia.com, charentelibre.fr

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Zelia – The New ‘Diamond’ Cognac

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