At only 23 years old, a young woman runs the family business with her father Francis Abecassis.

Elodie Abecassis runs the Domaine d’Abecassis since July 2009. Together with her father, Francis, the founder of the company, she controls over 230 hectares of vineyards, the 40 employees and the brands Leyrat, Réviseur, and Cognac ABK6.

ABK6 line up: Simple and modern

At only 23 years this really seems incredible. Last  tuesday she was honored by the organization “SensationnElles”, at a luncheaon by women for women working in the field of gastronomy, wines and spirits. Elodie has been honored by Beatrice Cointreau.

Since its first acquisitions, since the launch of ABK6 and relaunching Leyrat, Francis Abecassis follows a strategy which is very close to the strategy of “Frapin“.

A single estate, focusing on quality, elegance, the virtues of terroir, concentrating on eaux-de-vie production. There are some striking parallels between Frapin and ABK6, between Elodie Abecassis and Beatrice Cointreau. Beatrice was 25 when she took over the business in Segonzac, following her father, Max.

Elodie Abecassis, ABK6

Elodie Abecassis starts to practice at just 23 years, supported by her father.

The headquarters of the family business is in Champagne-Vigny, Charente, the heart of ABK6, “Chez Maillard”. This is where Elodie lives, “The view on the vineyards is lovely, it feels just right here.”  The young woman did Ecole Superieure of HEC for four years, including one semester in an American University in Philadelphia.

“We are growing every year,” explains the young woman. Scandinavia and Europe remain the core markets for the new brand. Followed by the United States. Asia? “Difficult.”

This week, to attract new consumers, the company will launch its new packaging. “It has all the elements the brand is supposed to communicate”, Elodie says. 40 employees and four production sites in Champagne-Vigny, Barret, and Jonzac Châteaubernard: the young woman has plenty of work. “My father is still with me, it helps. And the team is really supportive. At the same time, they know me a long time, that is an advantage.”

“Our brands and our company is still in development. There is still a lot of work to do before we know whether it’s successful what we are doing – or not.”

Source & Pic: Charente Libre

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Joan of Arc.. ahm.. of Cognac: 23-year-old woman manages ABK6

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    This is exciting and I really think it’s great one the one hand that there are so many family businesses left in the Cognac region and on the other that there are even women managing it.

    Great! I must try one of those Cognacs, especially the ABK6 looks very stylish.

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    ABK6 is a nice company…..I wonder who is the cellarmaster these days…..

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