Next time you’re in Atlanta, why not stop by the InterContinental Buckhead Hotel and check out its new signature lounge bar.

The brainchild of the IHG’s Vice President of Food and Beverage for the Americas – Jean-Pierre Etcheberrigaray – who decided to move away from the usual stuffy hotel bar tradition and base the bar around a single spirit.

XO Bar

With a lot of research into the local area and customer base for the hotel, cognac was the spirit of choice and the XO bar was born.  Customers can choose from more than 60 different cognacs at a price to suit all pockets.  If you have the means (and the desire), you purchase shots ranging in price up to $500 or a whole bottle for $10,000, although of course there is more affordable eaux-di-vie on offer as well.

InterContinental have also taken a similar theme to one of their hotels in Boston, where they have opened a themed RumBa.

Of course, each bar also stocks all the regular beverages which you would expect, but the themes are specifically designed to encourage patrons to experiment with their drinks and perhaps try something new.


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XO Bar: A growing trend!

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    Calvin Watkins

    Hell YEAH!!! Just what the Doctor order… Not far from Jacksonville, Fl…

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    I went to XO Bar on a recent trip to Atlanta on the recommendation of this blog. I knew what I was in for – severely inflated prices for single glasses of already-expensive cognac – but I went anyway because it was a way to taste an expensive cognac to see whether I really wanted to buy a whole bottle or not. I had the Kelt Tour du Monde XO, which will set you back about $140 or so for a whole bottle if you buy it from a regular store. I can’t remember if my glass was just under $20 or just over – I think I remember something like $23? I’m glad I did it, because while it was a fine example of a fine XO cognac, it didn’t go in a particularly exciting or interesting new direction, which is what I look for in nicer cognacs these days. So I saved myself about $120. Normally it would be very difficult to sample in this way because almost no regular bar or even nice restaurant stocks such fine cognacs in most areas of the country. So hooray for XO bar.

    The bartender, it must be said, did not know a whole lot about cognac in general or about the bottles in stock, so you’ll need to go packing your own knowledge. I gathered that had gotten some basic training from a rep of one of the big four cognac houses, but it wasn’t his specialty. If you’re reading this blog, you very likely know more than he does, at least the one who was tending when I visited. We’re talking basic hotel labor here. Also the menu is not in sync with what’s on the shelves. Some of the things in the menu aren’t on the shelf and more than a few on the shelf are not on the menu. There were plenty I would love to have tried, and plenty I’d never heard of, but at those prices it wasn’t a place that a normal person could afford to visit very often. I’m still glad it’s there.

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