Official Cognac Expert statement: Forget those rappers T.I., Snoop Dogg or Ludacris. One of our readers sent us this song – here comes “Cognac Diamonds” from JR Soul! A Shackle Release Records production.

This video shockingly shows us one thing: Cognac plays such an important role in US HipHop lyrics, and young urban lifestyle: “Riding, Riding, Ice so blinding. Check my chain and my Cognac Diamonds”…

Could this rapper be perhaps the new spokesman for a brand like ABK6? Just kidding. According to New York Times 60 to 80% of the US Cognac consumers are african americans.. so where will we end up with this cultural shift?

Hopefully not in the universe of JR Soul and Cognac Diamonds.

But what are Cognac diamonds?

Cognac diamonds have a brown body color – so the term decribes brown diamonds. A diamond can be in almost every color, often they are yellow and brown. The Cognac diamond belongs to the Carbon variety and is a very hard one.

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Worst Cognac rap song ever:

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    Thanks for the write up. Don’t 4get to book J.R. Soul and many other Shackle Release artists. By The Way I’m a non drinker but I wear Cognac Diamonds. May I suggest everyone should by Cognac Everything for 2011.

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