Don’t worry, we don’t mean into tiny pieces – phew!  But the current holder of the world’s greatest cognac collection, Michel Gillet from Montreal, Canada, is teetering on the verge of being toppled from his throne.

New World Record: Rotary Club

The Rotary de Cognac and Jarnac have brought together a magnificent collection of more than 950 different bottles of cognac and the total is still rising.  The goal is 1000 bottles which, if reached, will see the two service clubs deplace Mr Gillet from the Guinness Book of Records as the largest collection in the world.

Once the collection is complete, it will be displayed for several weeks at the Cognac Museum of Arts before being auctioned off for charity.

It has taken 2 years for the clubs to convince merchants and distillers to make gifts of various bottles and to gather information on each bottle.  The job of creating a bilingual catalogue of the complete collection falls to Xavier Boinaud, and this will be presented to wealthy collectors worldwide to seduce them into attending and purchasing at the auction.

Pic: Photo J.-P. C. Charente Libre

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Largest Cognac Collection in the World is in Danger of being Smashed

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    I am always out of tune with the rest of the world… Cognac is for drinking, it doesn’t improve in the bottle so there is no point in collectting bottle upon bottle. Cognac – as with many other things – is there to be drunk, not looked at!

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    Any thoughts whether a 1937 bottle of Martell Cognac, unopened has any value? Can you provide any advise? As commented earlier, it is meant to be drank not stored but that is in fact what has happened apparently…..

    Thanks, C

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    I Have 2 Bottles of Remy Martin Cognac VSOP, ground bottle, golden label,1000ml 35 years old how much are they worth today is there anyone in Montreal interested in them

    Thank You

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