Trump France, the 10 year old club behind the ‘wine tourism’ emergence in France, recently spent two days in Cognac for their annual seminar.  Members of the BNIC (Bureau National Interprofessional Cognac) were also present as guests, for at present the BNIC is not a member of Trump France.

vineyard in Cognac closeup

However, Michael Bernard, the president of the wine tourism club, stated that as 96.8% of cognac is exported, the cognac producers play a large part in promotion of France’s wine and spirits as a tourist attraction.

He stated that tourism is sure to become a second profession for all French alcohol producers.  It’s important to not only sell bottles, but to attract tourists to visit the wine and spirit producing areas by combining with various other attractions.  These include sporting activities, restaurants, hotels and other types of accommodation.

At present, Trump France concentrate on encouraging visitors from countries such as Britain, USA, Belgium, Holland, Germany and Denmark.  But, budget permitting, they are keen to study emerging countries such as Brazil and China.

Whatever happens, it seems sure that all producers, especially the smaller ones, will have to embrace this so called ‘wine tourism’ to substantially increase their income in ways other than just selling their wares.


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Wine Tourism Takes a Trip to Cognac

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