The Hennessy PR wagon is once again on a roll with their new “Never Stop, Never Settle” campaign.

The brainchild of New York advertising agency, Droga5, this is a campaign that’s attempting to draw in customers by highlighting the pursuit of goals and aspirations.

Hennessy - The White Rabbit

So where does the wild rabbit come in, you may well be wondering?  Well, apparently the search for personal success is being represented by a wild rabbit.  Thus drinkers are being asked “What is your wild rabbit?”  It then goes onto say “Never Stop, Never Settle.”

A tenuous link between a wild rabbit and ambition perhaps, but Hennessy obviously has faith as the budget for this worldwide advertising campaign is around $70 million dollars.  And when you see that the first wave of advertising has brought in three top names who’re meant to symbolise achievement, it’s clear where a lot of the money is being spent.

The film director, Martin Scorsese, Boxer, Manny Pacquiao and singer, Erykha Badu are all featured along with statements such as

“To portray life as people really see and feel it.” (Scorsese)

“To fight the fights that really matter.”  (Pacquiao)

“Bringing new things into the world by following my heart.”  (Badu)

And of course, Hennessy have utilized the world of social media and technology to bring their product to an ever younger audience.  Facebook posts have begun the campaign, and with nearly 1 million Facebook followers this is certainly no meagre audience.  Add in QR codes, TV and radio advertising, posters and more, and this is certainly ramping up to be a huge worldwide push.

Senior Vice President for Hennessy USA, Rodney Williams, says that their core target market is males aged between 21 – 34 years.  The VS,VSOP and XO will all be featured in this new campaign.


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What’s a Wild Rabbit got to do with Hennessy Cognac?

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    It would be nice if you can transcribe the monolouge of each participants so that we can appreciate more the motivational impact of the Wild Rabbit ads to people young and old. Congratulations for a superb ads

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