Here at Cognac Expert, we’re delighted when we stumble across new ways of looking at Cognac. The latest concept by artisan house Maison 1719 really hits the spot on this occasion.

Time to go WILD! Maison 1719 Eau-de-Vie

As hip as Cognac can be

First off, let’s be clear: WILD is not a Cognac. It may be produced in the Cognac region, but not following the multiple rules and regulations required to produce a Cognac. This is a decision that Anael Boulay and Antoine Rivet took in order to create a spirit that appeals to a younger audience. They professional experiences in the fashion and luxury industries has obviously taught them how to build up a buzz.

WILD is an ‘eau de vie de vin’ that combines the tradition of Cognac making with true 21st century innovation. An eau de vie is the distillate of wine. Whether WILD is once distilled or double distilled wine (like Cognac), we’re yet to find out…

The clear spirit is created from Cognac grapes and made in an entirely organic manner. Aimed at a younger market, WILD is intended to offer an alternative to gin and vodka, and can be drunk neat, on the rocks, with a mixer, or as part of a cocktail.

Time to go WILD! Maison 1719 Eau-de-Vie

So what does it taste like? Well, according to Anael and Antoine, the owners of Maison 1719, WILD is

a unique, avant-garde, and versatile spirit for young adventurers looking for new flavors.

It has a bold, zesty flavor. But that’s not all. Check out how Anael and Aontoine have decided to fund their new project.

Crowdfunding all the way…

It’s a concept that’s still in its infancy, but crowdfunding is becoming an increasingly popular way for entrepreneurs to raise money for great projects. And the guys are doing amazingly well with this one, having already overtaken their target. This means they can reinvest and manage to produces WILD Organic Brandy on a larger scale.

The original run was for 150 bottles. And the guys certainly have the expertise to know how to produce a great drink. The cousins come from a family that’s been producing Cognac for six generations. They’ve used their own knowledge to create the drink itself, and then called upon designer and illustrator, Christian Watson, to adorn the bottle with wonderful markings that showcase the brand’s history.

Congrats for introducing a risky new product to the market. We love new ideas from the Cognac region! You can discover more about WILD and Maison 1719 here.

Time to go WILD! Maison 1719 Eau-de-Vie

Check out Maison 1719 Cognac which we brought to your attention a while back. And if you’re looking for a truly hip drink with a great backstory, then this would be a wonderful addition to your drinks collection.

And of course, find out more about Wild 1719, and buy in our online shop.

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Time to go WILD! Maison 1719 Eau-de-Vie

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