We’ve probably been a little guilty of talking about the massive demand for Cognac in countries such as China rather a lot over the past few months.   And indeed, the demand there continues to drive the ‘Golden Age of Cognac.’  However, one of the fastest growing economies in the world is Australia, and indeed, there are many eaux-de-vie lovers down under who are always on the hunt to find the best places to buy Cognac in Australia.

In regards to our friends ‘down under,’ the two largest Cognac consuming areas are Victoria and New South Wales.  And being as Australia boasts both a young as well as diverse community, with many Chinese re-locating here, it makes sense that experts are expecting the Cognac market in this area of the world to increase dramatically over the next few years.  And this also means that the demand for some of the perhaps slightly lesser known brands, such as ABK6 Cognac, Louis Royer Cognac and AE. Dor Cognac is also likely to rise.

In fact, according to the IMF, Australia’s GDP will have grown faster this year than most other advanced economies, with a prediction of +2.75 per cent growth for 2011.  This is due, in the main, to the growing demand from the Chinese for Australian services and commodities.

With one of the youngest populations in the world, the vital 18 – 29 year old segment is forecast to grow by 2 per cent per year over the foreseeable future.  And naturally, this is very important for the Cognac market.

When you look at statistics such as these, it’s no wonder that houses such as the ‘big four,’ Hennessy, Remy Martin, Martell and Courvoisier Cognac are keen to conquer the Australian Market.  But let’s not forget houses such as Bisquit Cognac and Camus Cognac, who are literally clawing at the heels of the major players, and making a true name for themselves in the industry of eaux-de-vie.

When you look at places to purchase Cognac in Australia, records show that many consumers buy theirs when travelling, so duty free sales are strong.  There are also some private imports by Asian shops.  However, apart from these, it can be a challenge for our Aussie cousins (and let’s not forget those from New Zealand, who also face the same difficulties), to find outlets for their favourite eaux-de-vie.

We receive many queries from Australian readers asking such questions as “where can I buy XO Cognac in Australia?”  Well, stay tuned because soon you’ll be able to purchase your favourite tipples direct from Cognac-Expert.com.  And we’ll be shipping Cognac to New South Wales, Victoria and any other town or city in Australia or New Zealand.  So if you’re searching for that extra special bottle, or looking for where to buy Cognac in Australia, soon the solution will be here – with just a couple of clicks of your mouse…

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