This Hennessy Cognac VSOP Reserve is the property of one of’s readers.

“My father purchased a case of this Hennessy VSOP in approximately 1968! He was in San Francisco, CA. It has been stored in a dark cool place on its side the entire time.”

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Hennessy VSOP

There is no back label. The front label says only “Hennessy Cognac Established in 1765.” And it has grapevines and the arm with an axe. On the bottle above the label, the words “VSOP RESERVE” are printed on the bottle in gold. The bottle is corked, and it is sealed with a gold top and a black seal with James Hennessy’s signature printed on it in a diagonal.

The Label of the Hennessy Cognac

The box is in French. Has a drawing of a French military man, and on both sides is the story “Richard Hennessy 1724-1800 capitaine a la Brigade Irlandaife au Service du Roy de France. fonda a Cognac en 1765. La Maison Hennessy.”
Box also says “V.S.O.P. Reserve Hennessy
Maison Fondee en 1765 COGNAC.
Carton made in France.
REF: 3.681.005/7
Normic Goossens

If you are interested in buying, comment and give a first price offer. If you have background information you would like to share, or any other comment, please go for it.

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Daddy's 1968 Hennessy Cognac VSOP Reserve

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  1. Avatar

    The boxes are very attractive and do have some historical value but the cognac is still VSOP and although the VSOP of the 1950’s and 1960’s is much older than it is today, you have told us that you have stored it on it’s side. Sorry, with spirits you must store it vertically not on its side as the cognac will eat into the cork and taint the cognac, value will be down because of this. I am afraid that £25/bottle is the most one would be able to offer. DB

  2. Avatar

    i mean that shit type old but maybe too old so my best offer is £30 in us $48.48

  3. Avatar

    It looks great for me, my offer is $56/bottle

  4. Avatar

    I’m from Cognac city, I grew up there, and I tried lots of brands : from the baddest to the most expensive of them. I tried this old VSOP reserve last week, and I have to admit that I’ve been really surprised, in a good way, much more than other expensive cognac. I’m sorry but this bootle doesn’t cost 48$… So… when we don’t know anything about cognac, it’s better to drink something else… really.

  5. Avatar

    i dont want to throw out a un fair price but it has to be at least 250-350 hit me if u think i can get one of them for my stock

  6. Avatar

    Hi Aaron,

    Can you contact me through e-mail? I want to discuss with you, and my idea is to get the case, not just a bottle.

    Look forward to hear from you.

  7. Avatar

    Interesting to find this blog! I was recently visiting my in-laws in Japan and my father in-law asked me if i like to drink spirits. “from time to time” i replied. Upon hearing this he went to the closet and procured the exact box and bottle in your picture. It turns out that his sister in law worked at a u.s. Navy base in yokosuka japan and was given a bottle of cognac by one of the officers. Being a none drinker, she stowed the bottle away for nearly 30 years and when she passed away, my father in law inherited the bottle. He also does not drink so it has been sitting in his closet for nearly 20 years as well. The only difference between the bottle in your picture and the bottle that has now been handed over to me is a small blue inventory sticker that says “u.s. Navy mess” and the number 3590433 on the side. Thanks for the blog!

  8. Avatar

    if you have bottle(s) you would like to sell please let us know

  9. Avatar

    hi, i have the same stuffs, 5 similar bottles.
    i get this from a chinese collector who passed away.
    im from quezon city, m mla.
    just email me with your offer if your interested
    [email protected]

  10. Avatar

    I have a collectors type pitcher(?). It is a mans bust(head?) obviously not too keen in this department. The pitcher has the following written along the base: Hennessy Cognac (Front beneath face) Capitaine Richard Hennessy (left side) Fonde En 1765 La Maison Hennessy and on the bottom is written Hennessy Cognac Brandy 80 Proof Schieffelin & Co. New York H 1011… The pitcher contains NO Liquor. If this sparks any interest to you, email me and I will respond with Pictures.

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