We all know that Remy Martin Louis XIII is known as the ‘King of Cognac,’ but what on earth is eaux-de-vie royalty doing at the Cannes Film Festival?

Lording it over a court of admiring subjects, perhaps?  Maybe tantalizing them with sips of its grandeur and rubbing shoulders with the film world elite?

Louis XIII Cannes

No-one is in doubt that the Cannes Film Festival is the global culmination of show biz and movie genius, so it makes sense that this is mirrored by a tipple that’s known throughout the world as being a cognac of great heritage and a masterpiece of artistic blending – qualities that are shared with the art of film making.

Great cinema and great cognac might at first seem worlds apart, but in essence they both present tradition, innovation and pure art to every age, every creed and every nation. Both provide a link between the past, present and future, allowing generations and cultures to collide, mingle and enjoy the greatness of what it means to be truly human, to be truly alive and to truly experience the finer things in life.

Remy Martin Louis XIII Cognac at the Cannes Film Festival:  It’s certainly revving up to provide a serious few days of extraordinary experiences… stay tuned.

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What is Louis XIII doing at the Cannes Film Festival?

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