Distilling Cognac with Alambic Pot Still: Bad wine for Great Brandy

The magic cognac pot still! How does it work? Distillation takes place in traditionally shaped copper stills, also known as "Alembic Charentais". Also known as alambic, it depends on the language. The design and dimensions of the pot stills are legally controlled. Two distillations must be carried out; the resulting eau-de-vie is a colourless spirit of about 70% alcohol (the aging process afterwards makes the alcohol level drop to around about 40%). How does Cognac distilling work? The wine that is supposed to...
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Tasting Cognac – How to taste Cognac

When it comes to drinking Cognac, one of the most important questions to understand is; How to taste Cognac? Now, if you're new to the joys of drinking and tasting good Cognac, this concept of there being a right way in which to taste the drink might seem a little complicated and even intimidating.  After all, the last thing anyone wants to do is make a faux-pas when in distinguished company.  Do you taste first or swirl?  What does the...
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