Cognac and the History of Emblems

While many people think that branding is a relatively new marketing strategy in the cognac industry, a look back through the history of cognac shows that it’s a tradition that’s been many years in the making. Back in the mid-1700s, merchants of British descent settled in the region of the Charente – and around the town of Cognac in particular. It was thanks to these commercial minds, along with the agricultural strength and industrial talents of the producers of eaux-de-vie,...
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Vineyard Cognac

AOC Helps to Keep Cognac Solely from Cognac

Nowadays simply the name of a product can have a big influence over sales – and of course this includes the name ‘cognac.’  Appellations of origin, geographical vineyard location and trademarks can have a huge effect on how customers view a product and are powerful advertising tools.  Because of this, European law gives AOC cognac almost complete protection due to the high profile of the region and its products. The reputation of ‘cognac’ is so great that it can challenge...
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Fauchon Grande Champagne 1875

How to Store a Cognac Bottle

How do I store a Cognac bottle?  It's a question that we're often asked, and is something that many people have varying opinions on.  Another often raised question is, how long can you keep an unopened bottle of Cognac? So, in answer to the many requests for information on the subject, here are some considerations to take into account regarding best practice when it comes to storing Cognac. The first thing to understand is that Cognac does not continue to age...
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Water with Cognac?

Adding Water to Cognac: No-No or good idea?

Before anyone starts to read this and throws their hands up in horror at the thought of adding water to a precious glass of cognac, hold on a moment. Of course, it is a common practice to add water to whisky, the rationale being that this breaks the surface tension of the liquid and creates a chemical reaction.  In turn this raises the temperature of the whisky by a minute amount which then releases other subtle aromas.  It is this...
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Cognac glasses: The two basic types and their differences

For the purists, in order to fully appreciate the delight that is Cognac there's really only two types of glasses from which to sip your eau-de-vie.  After all, the Cognac producers put a great deal of time, care, and effort into producing one of the world’s finest beverages, so it's only proper to ensure it's served in the best possible drinking vessel.  And these two glasses are known as a tulip glass and a balloon glass or snifter. Tulip glass This...
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