Watch Cognac Roland Bru Master Blender at Work (Video)

Roland Bru Cognac has an interesting Master Blender. His name is Philippe Fillon. And you can either watch the video right now (below) or find out a bit about where Philippe works.

The House of Roland Bru owns and cultivates twenty hectares of vineyards in the Grande Champagne, France. Another 40 hectares in the Fins Bois area. The Roland Bru family works together with Charente vine-growers, that supply Roland Bru.

But the blending takes place at Roland Bru, and that is a critical step in Cognac production: The finest eaux-de-vie are being mixed, very carefully – in a way like perfume.

In the following video the maitre de chai shows and explains how to blend Cognac, to mix, to feel, to create it. Philippe shows us 5 little bottles with Cognac, different age, different color, different taste.

Actually there are some mistakes in the subtitles of this video – e.g. it is not “maitre de chef” but “chai”. Or “stocked in tanks” of course it is barrels.

Lovely, how Philippe finishes this video:

“I love what I do. And I think I create a good product and hope that you like it!”



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