How EWG Wines and Spirits (Eurowinegates) have managed to remain under the radar for so long is a mystery.  After 10 years of production, this small company has been thrown into the spotlight by a huge injection of cash from the company West Growth. One of their products is G’Vine, a Gin from the region of Cognac.

Gin from Cognac

EWG have received 1.3 million dollars which should help aid the company’s 17 million euro turnover rise to 22 million in 2011.  They will also increase their number of employees from 14 to 20.

The company’s biggest success to date is the grape vodka, Ciroc.  This was first unveiled via the spirits giant, Diageo in 2001 with backing of the rapper P. Diddy.  Today, the sales figures are around 8 million bottles per year.

In 2006, the company received investment from Gallia and launched the popular G’Vine.  This award winning gin managed to double its sales each year, and in 2010 sold 200,000 bottles.  This summer, 2010, the tequila – Excellia was unveiled under the EWG banner.

The CEO Jean Sebastian Robiquet is very experienced in the world of spirits.  He worked for 10 years with Hennessey and for 2 years with William Peters in exporting.  He has worked in various different countries but the Bordeaux born Robiquet has the vineyard and wine in his blood.


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Vodka, Gin and Tequila in the shadow of Cognac

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