A new spirit has been born in the town of Cognac – and it goes by the name of VOD-K.  The drink is a strange combination of two extremely potent tastes – vodka and black truffles.


This strange combination is the brainchild of Laurent Frydlender, whose company Fryd Food and Drink provides products for upmarket restaurants.  In fact, when he first tried the mix around nine months ago he found it not to his liking at all.  But after months of hard work, and the addition of some yummy caramel, he believes that the blend is just right and that the ingredients now complement each other.

The packaging of VOD-K is a little different, to say the least.  It is simple, with clean lines and classy labelling – but does it perhaps resemble a jar of instant coffee?  Who’s to say – so make up your own mind.

A 700ml bottle VOD-K retails at around €65 euros.  Only time will tell if VOD-K manages to compete with Cognac’s other famous vodka – Grey Goose.

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VOD-K Vodka with Truffles? Made in Cognac

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