Cognac Frapin is no stranger to vintage eaux-de-vie – after all, the house has been releasing them since 1888 alongside its blended products.

Go Vintage

But they’ve noticed a big increase from the emerging Asian market of the desire to know the exact age of the drink – something the company is definitely sitting up and taking notice of.

Frapin's Vintage Strategy

Not only are the Asians interested in vintage products, but the Scandinavians as well.  In fact, in countries such as Norway and Sweden the variety of cognac offered on the shop shelves rivals that of whisky.

Wilfred Schuman, Frapin’s export manager for Europe, said “There’s been a big change in the dynamic of the industry in terms of areas we can target for growth.  One of them is definitely vintage releases as that, I am sure, will be the future of Cognac.”

Older Frapin Ad

He is quick to point out that they will, of course, not forget to cater for their older markets such as the UK, US and France – so there’s no worry that they won’t continue to supply a great selection of blended products.  But for those who yearn for their bottle to have a date – then it seems that Frapin might well be one of the houses who’ll be competing for your custom.


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It’s Vintage All The Way For Cognac Frapin

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