Vintage cognacs are still somewhat of a rarity in the world of cognac.  They are products created from a single year’s harvest, and usually from a single vineyard.  This means they are unique product – and the taste of each is determined by a combination of happenings that can never be repeated: namely, the soil, the weather throught the whole growing season, the skill of the distiller and, of course, the aging process.

Prunier Cognac excel at producing vintage year cognacs.  They’ve recently released four – each of which is only available to purchase through travel retail.  All of their vintage cognacs are guaranteed to be free from any coloring, sugar,  or wood extracts,  And they’ve not been chill filtered or reduced from their natural cask strength.  This means that when you taste them, it’s like enjoying the cognac directly from the barrel.

So if you’re lucky enough to be travelling through duty free somewhere in the world, keep an eye out for the following offerings from Prunier.

The 1996 Fins Bois Prunier Cognac

A lovely old cognac that’s well aged and has the unique, slightly earthy, classic aromas that form thanks to the chalky soil in the Fins Bois terroir of the region.  Elegant and distinguished, the deep golden color of this cognac is thanks to the extended aging process.

At 49.5%, this is a true cask strength cognac.

The 1989 Grande Champagne Prunier Cognac

A wonderful example of a cognac from the premier cru of Cognac.  Prunier’s Grande Champagne vineyards are located in the heart of the region, and this is a cognac with a well-developed Rancio and bursting with flavor.

46.9% is the 1989’s natural cask developed strength.

The 1978 Borderies Prunier Cognac

At 52.5%, this Borderies eaux-de-vie has been aged for nearly 40 years.  The taste and aromas are due to no small extent of being aged in cellars with no more than average humidity.

The Borderies terroir is the smallest of all the growing regions in Cognac, and this is a classic example of what an excellent cognac from this region should be like.

The 1967 Grande Champagne Prunier Cognac

If you check out the quality of the harvest of 1967, it’s generally accepted that this was an ‘average’ year.  However, this offering created from grapes grown in the Verrieres commune in Grande Champagne is a rare, stand out example of true success.  It just goes to show that every year’s harvest, no matter how average, produces truly different qualities of eaux-de-vie.

This wonderful example of a vintage cognac is a staggering cask strength of 52.8%

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4 Vintage Cognacs by Prunier

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