The annual figures from La Fédération Nationale des Safer (SAFER) have just been released.  This is the national inventory of land transactions and prices, and of course, includes vineyards.

It seemed that last year, much as in 2009, saw a lot of vineyard owners attempting to sell some or part of their land.  A lot of this is blamed on the economic downfall – but many of the would-be vendor’s are not having much luck in selling.  It seems there are more vineyards on the market than there are sellers.

There is also a huge disparity in the cost, depending on whereabouts in the country they are.  Whilst the average national average for a hectare of vineyard is 95,000 euros, you can see from the list below how enormous the differences are – to a ratio of 1 to 80!  Some of the more prestigious areas saw modest rises, but other areas saw the price of their vineyards fall – meaning the average price remains pretty much the same as in 2009.

Surprisingly, some of the cheapest vineyards in the whole country are those in the region of Gascony which produce Armagnac – the cousin of cognac.

The cognac area itself remains on a par with last year – neither showing much of a rise or fall.  Perhaps in the coming year, with the gradually increasing cognac exports, we will see more of a difference.

Vineyard Grapes Ugni Blanc

The prices (per hectare) in the wine growing areas

170 000 € Libourne – AOC Lalande de Pomerol

200 000 € AOC Saint-Emillion

69 200 € Bordeaux-Aquitaine

35 000 € Grande Champagne region (Cognac) – like last year…

15 000 € Bergerac – AOC monbazillac

11 200 €  Languedoc-Roussillon

11 000 € in the region of Armagnac

868 000 € the Champagne Region

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Vineyard Prices Remain Static: 35K € for a Cognac Hectare

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