On our second day at Vinexpo we had some more meetings; it was great. Unfortunately we can’t stay the whole week. We’ll publish our “Cognac-Expert.com Vinexpo Cognac Stand Award 2011”  soon – wow, what a great name we came up with. We are still struggling which brand gets the gold, bronze and silver medal.

But today we want to look at some new products, or not-so-new but still very interesting – or at least we haven’t seen or tasted some of those before.

On the edge of the Cliff

We start with Camus.

Camus bottles: Cliffside & Co

Camus Cognac, whilst importing a large amount to various global markets, has no intention of leaving the home French market to the major players such as Rémy Martin and Hennessy. Camus already has a VS and VSOP in various stores in France including Casino and Monoprix (we observe the shelves at our Monoprix supermarket every week and hope that something will change some day).

But their sales department is determined to become even better in their home country in order to be considered an important and credible challenger in the market.

On the rocks

Currently they offer their standard cognac Ile de Ré in France which retails at €29.50 per bottle.  They are to add to this a ‘Mature’ cognac that will retail at € 45 and Cliffside Cellar at € 65.

Bache-Gabrielsen also just came out with their special edition for the French market, we reported about it – they are always up for new, innovative things.

Now let’s get to icy things. ABK6 launched a new bottle.

ABK6's Ice Cognac

Next new product is ABK6 Ice Cognac, we reported about the bottle. The Fins Bois family-run cognac house launched the bottle on sunday. We tasted it and it’s supposed to be consumed on the rocks. We do like this one, Simon Palmer did a great job. The bottle price is at 37 €.

Absolutely Golden

The next candidate is Lise Baccara‘s Absolu Cognac XO. It’s a new decanter, filled with 15 to 25 year old eaux-de-vie. We’ll get you some new information on this one. Lise Baccara’s Absolu XO Cognac received a gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2010.

Absolu Lise Baccara

Tessendier is also presenting a new product called Eaux-de-vie NO.1 – it’s a No-gnac, meaning not a cognac.

A Grape Variety of a Kind

The special thing about those bottles is, that they are double distilled eaux-de-vie and “single grape variety” products. The brown bottle you see below is Cabernet, the bottle next to it is a Merlot eaux-de-vie. Tessendier also received an award for it.

Tessendier's NO1 eaux-de-vie

The next bottle is quite remarkable – we seem to be one of the first to even have taken a picture of it.

The Deer’s Triumph

It’s the new Hine Triomphe bottle (this might not be the 100% final, final design but very close to it). The small cognac house with the big brand, and one of the best bottle design in the entire market, presents a decanter that is coherent with the existing form and shapes o the line. Somehow futuristic and simple – positioned between ‘Paradis’ and ‘Louis XIII’.

Hine Triomphe

Delamain also has something coming up in 5 to 6 months Charles Braastad told us – but could not tell us what it was. So let’s wait for something new from Delamain’s side – sure to be worth waiting.

Gabriel’s love for smaller winegrower’s quality

Here comes another new product called G&A which stands for Gabriel & Associes. Monsieur Alexandre Gabriel is the head of Cognac Ferrand, and he was so kind to present his new product line. G&A has the philosophy of collaborating with friends and partners that own smaller vineyards – packaging and presenting the cognacs in a very simple & honest bottle (we love it), and sealing it with wax. This makes up a traditional but at the same time a contemporary, elegant bottle. We didn’t have the time to taste it, but this will happen.

Ferrand's Cognac Gabriel

Birkedal Hartmann is not only presenting its new Bong vodka, but also a colorful slate of “Passion XO” bottles – liqueur.

A Bigger Splash

The design of the bottles you see below is not final probably, or at least it’s possible that it will be slightly adapted. Kim Birkedal-Hartmann again proves that he is not afraid of getting into innovative business ideas.

Passion XO

The next products come from Merlet & Fils.

Cool, Cassis, Cognac

Their Brother’s Blend we had not tasted yet – and it’s true they try to do things differently. A very fruity, easy cognac – in a good way. Also interesting to taste their C2 Liqueur – the Cassis & Cognac one is actually quite good we thought. Ice cube, and C2 Cassis, done.

Merlet Liqueur C2

Francois Voyer has a new bottle coming up (please note that this is not the final bottle design).

Ancestral No 7

It’s the Ancestral No 7, and a Tres Vieux Grande Champagne Cognac. The small house of Voyer are sure to present another quality bottle, resulting to good reviews in press as usual.


De Luze’s Extra is actually not a new product, but we have never seen it before in ‘nature’. The bottle is great, but we somehow get used to good design from De Luze (referring to the beautiful De Luze XO bottle that was recently released.. and it’s a good cognac).

Extra Nice.

De Luze is also making some waves in the world of cognac: Nicholas Faith, who we had lunch with some days ago, also just discovered the Domaine de Boinaud and was quite impressed.

Extra De Luze

Last but not least, comes A De Fussigny – don’t be afraid of the orange.

It’s not a Cigar

Their new product is a cigar-like packaging, you see in the picture below. Wwe didn’t have the time to do more research on this until now , sorry, but will do soon.

A De Fussigny

So that’s it so far. Of course there are many other new products and new designs and packaging, just think about Prince de Polignac (which got a total brand re-boot). We just did not have enough time!

If we forgot someone, or a new product, please do not hesitate to remind us. Next year we will be back,  with more time.

Stay tuned for our stand award article, we’ll publish that one soon.

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Our Second Day at Vinexpo 2011: New Cognacs and Products

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