A reader has a bottle of very Old Cognac Napoleon Grande Fine Champagne, it says Piercel de Saint-Jacques on the label.

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Super Old Napoleon Grande Champagne E. Piercel de Saint-Jacques Cognac

Cognac Napoleon Bottle

There is no back label, and the front label is barely legible. You can see the words “Cognac Napoleon” (barely) and the words “Grande Fine Champagne” underneath. One does not see a vintage year on the bottom line, but it does say  “E. Piercel de Saint-Jacques”

This bottle was donated to sell in an upcoming charity fine wine auction, and is currently being held in our fine wine cellar until the event.

The bottle has never been opened. There is some missing from the top, but the bottle is over 200 years old and the missing brandy is due to evaporation. The cork deteriorated so they had sealing wax put in for the closure.

There is a letter “N” on the glass bottle that stands for Napoleon. The donor’s father-in-law passed away during WWII, and her mother-in-law remarried Raymond Bell. Mr. Bell was an American that moved to Mexico and became a wealthy cattle rancher. He purchased many bottles of Napoleon brandy, and our donor recalls enjoying it during their visits to the Mexican ranch in the 1950s. In 1961, Mr. Bell passed away and our donor and her husband went to his estate and brought back one bottle of Napoleon brandy. She has had this bottle for 50 years!

Super Old Napoleon Grande Champagne E. Piercel de Saint-Jacques Cognac

Cognac Napoleon Label

Our reader would like to find out more about this bottle, of course. What is the value, the potential sales price of this old bottle of cognac?

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Super Old Napoleon Grande Champagne E. Piercel de Saint-Jacques Cognac

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    Hello, unfortunately this cognac is spoiled, the low level indicates a leaking cork and this has ruined the cognac. But even full this bottle would have been of little value, they are mostly quite modern despite the antique appearence and for some kind of reason quite a number of these bottles are offered via Mexico.

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    scott domnie

    I have this bottle of this cognac.. it is cognac napoleon 1st grand cru E. piercel de saint jacques.. My bottle is in good shape front and rear label high shoulder fill. what is it worth and where do I sell or auction.. thanks

  3. Avatar

    Hi Scott,

    I noticed your e-mail about the saint jacques bottle you have. If you are interested in selling it I would potentially be interested. I would be interested in seeing some pictures of the bottle. Feel free to call me at 508-718-9371 or you can reach me at [email protected] I would like to ask you some questions about the bottle.


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    I have two very old bottles of brandy that I believe came off a ship wreck 90 years ago? both are unopened and have no labels but have a N on the neck, can anyone give me an idea of what their worth,many thanks

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